Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy respects and protects the privacy of its visitors who navigate to our website This Policy contains the following terms:

  1. Information we seek from Visitors: People from different corners of India are allowed to access our website. All the personal details (name, address, e-mail address, phone number) that they enter at our website, are kept protected and secret and nothing is leaked out to any other sources.
  2. Visitor’s Information is collected because: (a) so that we can cater to your personal needs in a better way, (b) be more responsive while answering your queries, (c) to send e-mails periodically regarding latest updates and (d) in order to improve our Customer Support System.
  3. Is your information safe and secure? The answer to this is a straightaway yes. We duly honor and respect the privacy of everyone who comes to our site to get recent updates and so, we have a safe and secure Security System, which protects all your personal details and nobody can access any piece of information provided by you at our Website.
  4. Our Website uses Cookies in order to get details regarding what information the visitors coming on our site are looking for, so that we can track your preferences and all the queries the user searches for. This will provide the users or visitors with all the content and updates in context of their queries.
  5. Advertisements: Our website also contains few advertisements, which might be having their own Privacy Policies. We do not hold any responsibility regarding any change or any objectionable content mentioned in their Privacy Policies.