PACL users had been waiting to get back their invested amounts ever since the company in question was blacklisted and declared a fraud by SEBI. A committee was formed to look into this matter and start the refunds process post which SEBI India called for applications from claimants whose invested amount was not more than Rs. 2,500. Now, SEBI India has invited claims from investors whose claiming amount was above Rs. 2,500. Earlier April 30th, 2019 was the last date for filing claims for the second round of refunds but now it has been extended to July 31st, 2019.

31st July last date for claiming PACL Refunds  

  • SEBI India has extended the last date for registering PACL claim applications. Now, 31st July is the last and final date till which claimants can register for refunds.
  • This has been done mainly because of the fact that a large chunk of people were accessing the site which made the ‘Registration Form’ and ‘Login’ page slow to load and hence the PACL site was not working properly.
  • Due to this disfunctionality many investors could not register their claim applications and so, SEBI decided to extend the date for few more days so that investors can file their claims.

Thus, PACL claim applications are now open till July; investors can head to the registration portal and file their claims now. Also, faster the claim applications would be filed, faster will be the estimate of refunds to be credited.   

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12 thoughts on “SEBI PACL Refund Last Date 2021 Extended

  1. Could you please provide me the notification for claim status when the customers can apply online.

    Thank you.

  2. I see the refund is done only upto claim amount 5,000, when will refund process start for the claim amount beyond 5,000?

  3. I have already submitted all documents with receipts for maturity completed and i don’t have other documents rather than documents submitted one receipt

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