Aegon Life Insurance Hospitals List in Amritsar

Aegon Life Health Insurance

Founded in 2008, Aegon Life offers comprehensive health insurance plans with exclusive benefits. It is one of the leading and trusted insurance providers in India with robust customer care service. Buying a health insurance policy with Aegon Life is not an expense but an investment towards securing your hard-earned savings. A variety of health insurance plans with Aegon Life strives to cater to the different requirements of customers. Aegon Life’s top-selling insurance plans include Aegon iTerm Plan and Aegon Life Health Group Health Plan.

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Aegon Life Health Insurance Plan

Aegon Life offers Aegon Life Health Group Health Plan under its health insurance policy. It is a comprehensive health insurance policy that is designed to protect you and your family from critical illnesses. The plan covers personal accident care, respiratory care, neuro care, disability care, etc.

Aegon Life Insurance- Awards & Recognitions

Trusted by many, Aegon Life has been awarded several times. In 2019, Aegon Life Insurance was recognized as ‘eBusiness Leader’ by the World BFSI Congress and ‘One of the Best BFSI Brands in India’. In 2018, it was awarded the ‘Most Recommended Life Insurance Brand’ by

Aegon Life Health Insurance- Key Feature

  • Aegon Life has over 3000 network hospitals across the country.
  • It covers all kinds of surgeries, including 10 critical illnesses and 240 day-care treatments
  • Provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses with daily hospitalization benefits of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000.
  • The plan validity is for three years, and hence the premium is guaranteed for the duration of the policy.
  • With an add-on option, policyholders can even include their spouses, up to 3 children, dependent parents, as well as siblings in this health plan.
  • Policyholders can avail No Claim Bonus of a 10% discount in premiums.
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Aegon Life Health Insurance- Claim Process

  • Policyholders can easily make a cashless claim through any of the network hospitals or by visiting the Aegon Life 24-hour Customer Service desk. The company has a claim settlement ratio of 98.01%. All claims under the Aegon Life Health Plan need to be raised within 90 days of hospitalization.
  • To file a claim, policyholders have to inform the insurance company first and fill out a claim form by submitting all the necessary documents, including Aegon Life Health Plan ID, identity proof, hospital bills, discharge summary, etc.
  • After submission of documents, the insurance provider will evaluate the authenticity of the claim filed.
  • Once, the claim is approved, it will be settled within 30 days.

Policyholders can file their claim request by visiting the nearest Aegon Life Branch or contacting their customer care at the toll-free number 1800-209-9090.

Hospital Name Hospital Type Insurance Type Contact Number Location
Pasricha Medicare Centre Multi-Speciality Cashless 5065311, 5060631/32 Punjab, Amritsar
Madaan Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,57,17,90,25,71,780 Punjab, Amritsar
Mahajan Hospital – A Multispeciality Centre Multi-Speciality Cashless 2521890 / 2522235 Punjab, Amritsar
Med Card Multispeciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 5005003 Punjab, Amritsar
Medicaid Hospital & Critical Care Centre Multi-Speciality Cashless 245700 Punjab, Amritsar
Mokha Hospital & Kidney Care Centre Multi-Speciality Cashless 2223389 / 2564085 Punjab, Amritsar
Mrs. Kushbir Kalra’s Memorial Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2580932, 5016774 Punjab, Amritsar
Navpreet Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2223836 Punjab, Amritsar
Nayyar Heart Institute & Superspeciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 211686 / 562051 / 62050 / 220011/2200041 Punjab, Amritsar
Neelkanth Hospital-Amritsar Multi-Speciality Cashless 2711133 Punjab, Amritsar
Parveen Saini Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2210682 Punjab, Amritsar
Dr. GBM Dukh Niwaran Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2502125 Punjab, Amritsar
Preet Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2573141 Punjab, Amritsar
Randhawa Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 264039 2226660 Punjab, Amritsar
Sanjeevan Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2544066 Punjab, Amritsar
Simran Hospital & Child Care (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,25,46,77,24,52,944 Punjab, Amritsar
Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2553668 Punjab, Amritsar
Sukhbir Hospital & Nursing Home Multi-Speciality Cashless 2560235 Punjab, Amritsar
Surinder Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2257000 Punjab, Amritsar
Swift Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 9592101101 Punjab, Amritsar
Verma Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 5070801 Punjab, Amritsar
Holy Heart Hospital (A Unit of Amritsar Health & Hospitality Services) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2705252 Punjab, Amritsar
Dr. Om Parkash Satyam Netralaya Multi-Speciality Cashless 2221128 / 2221132 Punjab, Amritsar
Dr. Punj’s Artemis Hospital & Manokamna Fertility Center Multi-Speciality Cashless 5057577 Punjab, Amritsar
Dr. Shakeen’s Eye & Dental Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2500026 Punjab, Amritsar
Ekas Eye and Child Care Clinic Multi-Speciality Cashless 743543 2422138 Punjab, Amritsar
Emergency Medical Care Hospital (EMC) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2549300/2549400 Punjab, Amritsar
Emergency Medical Care Hospital (EMC-II) Multi-Speciality Cashless 6535703 Punjab, Amritsar
Fortis Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 5050222 / 5 Punjab, Amritsar
Fortis Hospitals Limited (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 301 2222 Punjab, Amritsar
Gupta Multispeciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2582622 Punjab, Amritsar
Hargun Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 25,79,00,12,57,90,02,60,00,000 Punjab, Amritsar
Dr. Karam Singh Memorial Orthopaedic & Multispeciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2573927 / 6534262 Punjab, Amritsar
Jeevan Jot Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2710218 Punjab, Amritsar
Arora Hospital (Amritsar) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2451358 Punjab, Amritsar
Badri Nath Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2710366 5090810 Punjab, Amritsar
Bajwa Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2423800 Punjab, Amritsar
Biala Orthopaedics & Multispeciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2271924 / 2279924 Punjab, Amritsar
Carewell Heart & Super Speciality Hospital Multi-Speciality Cashless 2562734/ Punjab, Amritsar
Chandan Hospital. Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,26,55,55,32,62,955 Punjab, Amritsar
Choudary ENT Maternity and General Health Care Centre Multi-Speciality Cashless 5014995/2521722 Punjab, Amritsar
Dev Hospital – Amritsar. Multi-Speciality Cashless 2263666, 6543647 Punjab, Amritsar
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