Aegon Life Insurance Hospitals List in New Delhi

Aegon Life Health Insurance

HeadquartersMumbai, India
WebsiteAegon Life
Customer Care Helpline Number1800-209-9090 (9am to 7pm, Mon to Sat)
Registered Office AddressA – 201, 2nd Floor, Leela Business Park, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400059
Financial Performance
– Turnover (as of FY22)₹1,492 crore (USD 200 million approx.)
– Claim Settlement Ratio (as of March 2023)99.03%
– Number of EmployeesOver 1,200

Founded in 2008, Aegon Life offers comprehensive health insurance plans with exclusive benefits. It is one of the leading and trusted insurance providers in India with robust customer care service. Buying a health insurance policy with Aegon Life is not an expense but an investment towards securing your hard-earned savings. A variety of health insurance plans with Aegon Life strives to cater to the different requirements of customers. Aegon Life’s top-selling insurance plans include Aegon iTerm Plan and Aegon Life Health Group Health Plan.

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Aegon Life Health Insurance Plan

Aegon Life offers Aegon Life Health Group Health Plan under its health insurance policy. It is a comprehensive health insurance policy that is designed to protect you and your family from critical illnesses. The plan covers personal accident care, respiratory care, neuro care, disability care, etc.

Aegon Life Insurance- Awards & Recognitions

Trusted by many, Aegon Life has been awarded several times. In 2019, Aegon Life Insurance was recognized as ‘eBusiness Leader’ by the World BFSI Congress and ‘One of the Best BFSI Brands in India’. In 2018, it was awarded the ‘Most Recommended Life Insurance Brand’ by

Aegon Life Health Insurance- Key Feature

  • Aegon Life has over 3000 network hospitals across the country.
  • It covers all kinds of surgeries, including 10 critical illnesses and 240 day-care treatments
  • Provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses with daily hospitalization benefits of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000.
  • The plan validity is for three years, and hence the premium is guaranteed for the duration of the policy.
  • With an add-on option, policyholders can even include their spouses, up to 3 children, dependent parents, as well as siblings in this health plan.
  • Policyholders can avail No Claim Bonus of a 10% discount in premiums.

Aegon Life Health Insurance- Claim Process

  • Policyholders can easily make a cashless claim through any of the network hospitals or by visiting the Aegon Life 24-hour Customer Service desk. The company has a claim settlement ratio of 98.01%. All claims under the Aegon Life Health Plan need to be raised within 90 days of hospitalization.
  • To file a claim, policyholders have to inform the insurance company first and fill out a claim form by submitting all the necessary documents, including Aegon Life Health Plan ID, identity proof, hospital bills, discharge summary, etc.
  • After submission of documents, the insurance provider will evaluate the authenticity of the claim filed.
  • Once, the claim is approved, it will be settled within 30 days.

Policyholders can file their claim request by visiting the nearest Aegon Life Branch or contacting their customer care at the toll-free number 1800-209-9090.

Hospital Name Hospital Type Insurance Type Contact Number Location
AAKASH HEALTH CARE Multi-Speciality Cashless Delhi, New Delhi
AAKASH HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless Delhi, New Delhi
ACTION CANCER HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless Delhi, New Delhi
DR. KAPURS THE HEALING TOUCH EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 28535083/45623722 Delhi, New Delhi
DR. NANDA EYECARE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25360909 Delhi, New Delhi
DR. PATTNAIK’S LASER EYE INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 434443004344443300 Delhi, New Delhi
DRISHTI EYE LASER CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25264045 / 25267795 / 25289358 Delhi, New Delhi
DURGA HOSPITAL (P) LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 65144456 Delhi, New Delhi
E.N.T. CARE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25513955 Delhi, New Delhi
ESCORTS HEART INSTITUTE AND RESEARCH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 26825000 / 01 Delhi, New Delhi
EYE 7 CHAUDHARY EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 41010241010243010241010300 Delhi, New Delhi
EYE MANTRA HOSPITAL (A UNIT OF EM HEALTH SERVICES) Multi-Speciality Cashless 9711115191 Delhi, New Delhi
EYE SCIENCES Multi-Speciality Cashless 46660666 Delhi, New Delhi
EYE SIGHT LASER CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 31905687 Delhi, New Delhi
FORESIGHT EYE CLINIC Multi-Speciality Cashless 26018111 26018333 41827745 Delhi, New Delhi
FORTIS C-DOC HEALTHCARE LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 49101222 Delhi, New Delhi
FORTIS FLT. LT. RAJAN DHALL HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 42776222 Delhi, New Delhi
FORTIS HOSPITALS LTD (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 40579400 Delhi, New Delhi
FORTIS HOSPITALS LTD (SHALIMAR BAGH) Multi-Speciality Cashless 45302222 / 9911682274 Delhi, New Delhi
GANESH ORTHO TRAUMA & MEDICAL CENTRE (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 43146100 (100 LINES) Delhi, New Delhi
GAUTAM NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25641575 Delhi, New Delhi
GENESIS HOSPITAL PVT. LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 45259900/20/51 Delhi, New Delhi
GOYAL EYE INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25881249 / 25888145 Delhi, New Delhi
GOYAL HOSPITAL & UROLOGY CENTRE (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 22091341 / 22091851 / 5751/ 9852 Delhi, New Delhi
H.O.P.E. ONCOLOGY CLINIC Multi-Speciality Cashless 43420000 Delhi, New Delhi
HANDA NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25433342 / 45606000 Delhi, New Delhi
HARDIK HOSPITAL (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 32045600 Delhi, New Delhi
HEALING TOUCH HOSPITAL (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 26564645/26852583 Delhi, New Delhi
HEMRAJ JAIN HOSPITAL & MATERNITY HOME. Multi-Speciality Cashless 25551507 / 25511360 Delhi, New Delhi
HI-TECH EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 41602121 Delhi, New Delhi
HOLY ANGELS HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 43357700/26143411/26141229/26142842 Delhi, New Delhi
HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 26845900 / 909 Delhi, New Delhi
I CLINIX ADVANCED EYE CARE Multi-Speciality Cashless 41610593 Delhi, New Delhi
IBS HOSPITALS (A UNIT SRI NEUROCARE PVT.LTD) Multi-Speciality Cashless 43210000 Delhi, New Delhi
I-CREATE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25506664 / 40366444 Delhi, New Delhi
INDIAN INSTITUTE OF OPTHALMOLOGY Multi-Speciality Cashless 29224044/29220859 Delhi, New Delhi
INDIAN SPINAL INJURIES CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 42255371 / 42255247 Delhi, New Delhi
INDRAPRASTHA APOLLO HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 26925858 / 26925801 EXTN-1092 Delhi, New Delhi
INDUS VALLEY HSOPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 9990222090 / 40 / 25 Delhi, New Delhi
INSTITUTE OF LIVER & BILIARY SCIENCES Multi-Speciality Cashless 46300000446598800000000 Delhi, New Delhi
JAIPUR GOLDEN HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 27907000 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEVAN HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 26349821/26343271 9821 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEVAN JYOTI CLINIC & NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25599099 / 25595017 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEVAN JYOTI HOSPITAL(NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25338330 / 25338861 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEWAN HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME PVT LTD (JEEWAN NAGAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 26839821 / 26340303 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEWAN MALA HOSPITAL PVT. LTD. Multi-Speciality Cashless 23511474-77,23682921 Delhi, New Delhi
JEEWAN NURSING HOME& HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 42430246/249 Delhi, New Delhi
K.K SURGICAL & MATERNITY CENTRE( LONI ROAD) Multi-Speciality Cashless 22819485 Delhi, New Delhi
KAILASH EYE CARE ( UNIT OF KAILASH NURSING HOME ) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25847411 / 25847412 / 65494962 Delhi, New Delhi
KAILASH NURSING HOME PVT. LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 25847411-12 Delhi, New Delhi
KALRA HOSPITAL& SHRI RAM HEART INSTITUTE AND RESEARCH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45005600 / 46005700 / 25418088 Delhi, New Delhi
KALYANI HOSPITAL (NAHAFGARH) Multi-Speciality Cashless 64996162 Delhi, New Delhi
KAPOOR MEDICAL CENTRE(DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 257138725793124000000 Delhi, New Delhi
KARTIK NURSING HOME AND UROLOGY CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45607414 Delhi, New Delhi
KHANDELWAL CLINC Multi-Speciality Cashless 41601848 Delhi, New Delhi
KHANNA EYE CENTRE DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 22424344 / 45 Delhi, New Delhi
KHANNA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25501711-13-14 Delhi, New Delhi
KHETARPAL HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 45515100 (30 lines) Delhi, New Delhi
KHETARPAL NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25164545 / 25442292 / 25449935 Delhi, New Delhi
KUKREJA HOSPITAL & HEART CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45675000 / 45626100 Delhi, New Delhi
LOTUS HOSPITAL (HARINAGAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 281234495615770 Delhi, New Delhi
M.D EYE CARE & LASER CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 29228101/29228102 Delhi, New Delhi
M.G.S HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25166100 / 25166104 / 45169950 Delhi, New Delhi
M.M. EYETECH INSTITUTE. Multi-Speciality Cashless 29847700 Delhi, New Delhi
ADIVA HOSPITALS Multi-Speciality Cashless 46672700407144440 Delhi, New Delhi
AGARWAL MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 66723767/4130919 Delhi, New Delhi
AGRAWAL EYE INSITUTE (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 26680397/26682203 Delhi, New Delhi
AMIT NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 28122149 , 28126894 Delhi, New Delhi
A-ONE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25271177 / 42311177 Delhi, New Delhi
APEX CITI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 22473111 Delhi, New Delhi
APEX HOSPITAL-NEW DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 4553343042371360 Delhi, New Delhi
APOLLO CRADLE FOR WOMEN & CHILDREN Multi-Speciality Cashless 48130400/44244424 Delhi, New Delhi
APOLLO CRADLE ROYALE (APOLLO SPECIEALTY HOSPITALS PVT. LTD.) Multi-Speciality Cashless 66297500 Delhi, New Delhi
ARYA HOSPITAL (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 4506624441574200 Delhi, New Delhi
ASHOK NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 22003420 / 22098846 / 22002880 Delhi, New Delhi
AYUSHMAN HOSPITAL & HEALTH SERVICES Multi-Speciality Cashless 49495555 / 49495566 Delhi, New Delhi
AYUSHMAN HOSPITAL (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 28081739/40 Delhi, New Delhi
BALI NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 99107556609560000000 Delhi, New Delhi
BANARASIDASS INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE Multi-Speciality Cashless 49020241 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45 / 48 Delhi, New Delhi
BATRA HOSPITAL AND MEDICALRESEARCH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 29956509/29958747/26082455 /26075280 Delhi, New Delhi
BHAGAT CHANDRA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 45254525 Delhi, New Delhi
BHAGAT HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 45102030 Delhi, New Delhi
BHAGWAN MAHAVIR HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 27550441 / 45 Delhi, New Delhi
BHAGWATI HOSPITAL (UNIT OF SARVODYA HEALTH FOUNDATION) Multi-Speciality Cashless 27554179 / 82 / /270160195 /275541012 Delhi, New Delhi
BHARTI EYE FOUNDATION Multi-Speciality Cashless 25889900 Delhi, New Delhi
BHARTI EYE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 29240000/29230000/29242784 Delhi, New Delhi
BM GUPTA HOSPITAL PRIVATE LIMITED Multi-Speciality Cashless 47157777 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT ( NEW DELHI – SOUTH ) Multi-Speciality Cashless 45738888 / 107 / 123 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT (PREET VIHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 43097930/31 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT (RAJOURI GARDEN) Multi-Speciality Cashless 4740136345738880 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT (ROHINI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 43089700 03,26513724/23 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT PRIVATE LIMITED Multi-Speciality Cashless 41524500 Delhi, New Delhi
CENTRE FOR SIGHT(VIKAS PURI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25612976 Delhi, New Delhi
CHAUDHARY EYE CENTRE & LASER VISION Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,32,78,42,32,32,75,890 Delhi, New Delhi
CHOPRA EYE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 27933400 Delhi, New Delhi
CYGNUS MLS SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 9999655155 Delhi, New Delhi
CYGNUS ORTHOCARE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 42505050 Delhi, New Delhi
DASHMESH HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 9582969783 Delhi, New Delhi
DCDC HEALTH SERVICES PVT LTD (DEEP CHAND DIALYSIS CENTRE) Multi-Speciality Cashless 45581006 Delhi, New Delhi
DEEP CHAND ONCOLOGY SERVICES PVT. LTD. Multi-Speciality Cashless 41329995 / 96 Delhi, New Delhi
DELHI HEART & LUNG INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 42999999/ 23538351 Delhi, New Delhi
DEV EYE CENTRE-DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 25943835 Delhi, New Delhi
DEVKI DEVI FOUNDATION(MAX GROUP I) Multi-Speciality Cashless 26515050 Delhi, New Delhi
DIVYA PRASTHA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25365960/25364402 Delhi, New Delhi
DIYOS MENS HEALTH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 49755555 Delhi, New Delhi
DR AGGARWAL’S EYE CLINIC Multi-Speciality Cashless 25462686 Delhi, New Delhi
DR B L KAPUR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 30403040 Delhi, New Delhi
DR SHROFF CHARITY EYE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 4,35,24,44,44,35,28,88,00,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
DR SUSHMA JINDAL HOSPITAL DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 22311010/22576543 Delhi, New Delhi
MADHUKAR RAINBOW CHILDRENS HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 66888866 Delhi, New Delhi
MAHARAJA AGRASEN HOSPITAL DWARKA Multi-Speciality Cashless 28808135/28808136 Delhi, New Delhi
MAHARAJA AGRASEN HOSPITAL(NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 40777777/2551802 Delhi, New Delhi
MAHINDRU HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25342500 Delhi, New Delhi
MAKKAR MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45128055 Delhi, New Delhi
MANIPAL HOSPITALS – HUMAN CARE MEDICAL CHARITABLE TRUST Multi-Speciality Cashless 49674967/+91 9999510789 Delhi, New Delhi
MATA CHANAN DEVI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 45582033 Delhi, New Delhi
MATA ROOP RANI MAGGO & MAHINDRU HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25372226/25372227/25372229 Delhi, New Delhi
MAX HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE LIMITED ( PANCHEEL PARK) Multi-Speciality Cashless 4,60,97,27,82,64,99,87,00,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
MAX HEALTHCARE INSTITUTE LIMITED ( PITAMPURA)(MAX GROUP II) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,73,51,84,42,71,58,840 Delhi, New Delhi
MAX SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL(NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 66422222 Delhi, New Delhi
MAX SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL(SAKET)(MAX GROUP I) Multi-Speciality Cashless 6,61,14,54,56,61,15,550 Delhi, New Delhi
MEDANTA MEDICLINIC Multi-Speciality Cashless 44114411,0124-41414141 Delhi, New Delhi
MEDEOR HOSPITAL LIMITED Multi-Speciality Cashless 48222222 Delhi, New Delhi
MEDFORT HOSPITALS PVT. LTD. (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25506664 Delhi, New Delhi
MEDLIFE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 27616362 Delhi, New Delhi
METRO HOSPITAL & HEART INSTITUTE (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 26461157/26442277 Delhi, New Delhi
METRO HOSPITALS & CANCER INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 49286600/22460000/49286666 Delhi, New Delhi
MOHAN EYE INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45666222/25852048/25728969/25787655 Delhi, New Delhi
MOOLCHAND HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 42000000 Delhi, New Delhi
NAMOKAR NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25961664 Delhi, New Delhi
NARANG EYE INSTITUTE LASER & RETINA CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 27141134/27142598/56929960 Delhi, New Delhi
NATIONAL HEART INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 4,66,00,70,04,66,06,60,00,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
NAVJYOTI EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 23274495 Delhi, New Delhi
NAZAR KANWAR SURANA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 23640951/23640952/23666666 Delhi, New Delhi
NEERA EYE CENTRE & LASER VISION Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,32,70,77,56,63,04,980 Delhi, New Delhi
NETRAM EYE FOUNDATION Multi-Speciality Cashless 41046655 Delhi, New Delhi
ORCHID HOSPITAL & HEART CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 45654565/66/25506188 Delhi, New Delhi
PARK HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 45323232 Delhi, New Delhi
PENTAMED HOSPITAL(DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 47014701 Delhi, New Delhi
PRIMUS SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 6,62,06,63,06,62,06,620 Delhi, New Delhi
PT.G.L.M.SHARMA AMEDA HOSPITAL ( A UNIT OF ARDENT MEDICARE PVT. LTD.) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,53,60,07,72,53,60,510 Delhi, New Delhi
PUSHPANJALI MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 43075600/604 Delhi, New Delhi
PUSHPAWATI SINGHANIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,92,52,51,63,06,11,900 Delhi, New Delhi
R G STONE UROLOGY & LAPROSCOPY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 43298000 Delhi, New Delhi
R G STONE UROLOGY & LAPROSCOPY HOSPITAL(PREET VIHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 71011000 Delhi, New Delhi
R. G. STONE UROLOGY AND LAPROSCOPIC HOSPITAL(KAILASH) Multi-Speciality Cashless 71056000/71056120 Delhi, New Delhi
RAJ MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 22911965 Delhi, New Delhi
RAJIV GANDHI CANCER INST. AND RESEARCH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 47,02,26,15,47,02,22,20,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
RAJIV GANDHI CANCER INSTITUTE & RESEARCH CENTRE – RGCIRC DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 45822222 Delhi, New Delhi
RATHI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 9650176020 Delhi, New Delhi
RLKC HOSPITAL & METRO HEART INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25891014/25891015/25891016/30510800 Delhi, New Delhi
ROCKLAND HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 41222222 Delhi, New Delhi
ROSEWOOD HOSPITAL ( A UNIT OF J.L.K.D HEALTH CARE PVT. LTD)-NEW DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 25322537,25322538/9911275929 Delhi, New Delhi
ROTARY EYE CARE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 29968562 Delhi, New Delhi
SANT PARMANAND HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2399 4401 -10/2398 1260 Delhi, New Delhi
SARDANA EYE INSTITUTE (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25436366/25436870/41006366 Delhi, New Delhi
SAROJ HOSPITAL& HEART INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 27903333/47903333 Delhi, New Delhi
SARTHAK MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25367182 25367184 Delhi, New Delhi
SAVE SIGHT CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 27681312 Delhi, New Delhi
SAWAN NEELU ANGEL’S NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,95,51,79,44,31,91,30,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,0 Delhi, New Delhi
SHARP SIGHT CENTRE (EAST) Multi-Speciality Cashless 22461134/22461146/8588893135/9999742197 Delhi, New Delhi
SHARP SIGHT CENTRE (KAROL BAGH) Multi-Speciality Cashless 47565505 22461146/8588893135 Delhi, New Delhi
SHISHU SADAN MULTISPECIALITY CHILDREN HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 41060610/617 Delhi, New Delhi
SHREE JEEVAN HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,36,01,44,03,67,64,03,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
SHRI RAM SINGH HOSPITAL & HEART INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,22,01,64,22,46,96,42,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
SHROFF EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 41633999, 26217425, 26446691-92 Delhi, New Delhi
SINGHAL HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 25055191 / 7014 Delhi, New Delhi
SINHA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25323077 Delhi, New Delhi
SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 4,22,54,00,02,57,50,000 Delhi, New Delhi
SITARAM BHARTIA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & RESEARCH Multi-Speciality Cashless 26867435-38 / 42111111 Delhi, New Delhi
SONIA HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 30777777 Delhi, New Delhi
SPRING MEADOWS HOSPITAL PVT LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 40411111 Delhi, New Delhi
SRI BALAJI ACTION MEDICAL INSTITUTE Multi-Speciality Cashless 4,56,66,66,64,28,88,880 Delhi, New Delhi
ST. STEPHEN’S HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 23966021 / 23966027 Delhi, New Delhi
SUKHMANI HOSPITAL (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2619400, 222, 333 Delhi, New Delhi
SUMAN SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 25639240 / 25617454 Delhi, New Delhi
SUNIL HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 26680247 / 26681963 / 26684525 Delhi, New Delhi
SURAKSHA EYE SURGERY CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 47085393 / 94 Delhi, New Delhi
SURYA KIRAN HOSPITAL PVT. LTD. Multi-Speciality Cashless 25322335 Delhi, New Delhi
SWASTHIK HOSPITAL (A UNIT OF SUSHOM HEALTH CARE PVT.LTD) Multi-Speciality Cashless 64007575 Delhi, New Delhi
TALWAR MEDICAL CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 43794200 Delhi, New Delhi
TARAK HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 64613613 Delhi, New Delhi
THE HEALING TOUCH EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 49547777 Delhi, New Delhi
TIRATH RAM SHAH HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 23972487, 25 23972087 Delhi, New Delhi
TIRUPATI STONE CENTRE & HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 22461691/92 Delhi, New Delhi
TOMAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 65475000 Delhi, New Delhi
TRITON HOSPITAL-NEW DELHI Multi-Speciality Cashless 46056464 Delhi, New Delhi
TYAGI NURSING HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 25406933 / 5134083 Delhi, New Delhi
VASUNDHARA EYE CLINIC Multi-Speciality Cashless 25081526, 45160364 Delhi, New Delhi
VENKATESHWAR HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 48555555 Delhi, New Delhi
VENU EYE INSTITUTE AND RESEARCH CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,92,51,15,52,92,50,75,00,00,00,000 Delhi, New Delhi
VIKAS HOSPITAL PVT. LTD. Multi-Speciality Cashless 25013526 Delhi, New Delhi
VIMHANS (VIDYASAGAR INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH & NEURO SCIENCE) Multi-Speciality Cashless 29849010 / 20 Delhi, New Delhi
VIRMANI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 22779232 / 22774748 Delhi, New Delhi
VISION CARE CENTRE (NEW DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 29223434 Delhi, New Delhi
VISION EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 25882129 / 25887228 Delhi, New Delhi
VISION EYE HOSPITAL (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 41426009 Delhi, New Delhi
VISITECH EYE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 26262888 Delhi, New Delhi
VISITECH EYE CENTRE – JASOLA VIHAR Multi-Speciality Cashless 41080233, 42665111 Delhi, New Delhi
WALIA NURSING & MATERNITY HOME (DELHI) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,25,48,58,52,25,42,290 Delhi, New Delhi
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