Bajaj Allianz Insurance Hospitals List in Jalandhar

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Life is unpredictable, but amidst all the volatility, you can lean on your health insurance provider to be there by your side in your time of need. While buying a health insurance policy, it is crucial to choose a plan that best suits your needs. Bajaj Allianz offers the best health insurance plans to policyholders and their families as well. Bajaj Allianz’s Health Prime Rider add-on covers nine insurance plans.

Policyholders can visit any of the Bajaj Allianz network hospitals to avail of a cashless facility. The insurance provider takes care of all your medical bills while you focus on getting better peacefully.

Let’s have a detailed look at Bajaj Allianz health insurance, services offered, and the claim process.

Key Features of Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

• Provides cashless treatment at over 8,000 network hospitals.
• In-house health administration team.
• An insured person can avail of free preventive health checkups once a year.
• Initiate and track claims easily through the Health Claim on Direct Click feature.
• Policyholders can make claims for medical expenses up to Rs. 20,000.

Health Insurance Products offered by Bajaj Allianz

Some of the health insurance options provided by Bajaj Allianz include:
• Health Insurance Plans for Individuals
• Health Insurance Plans for Family
• Critical Illness Plan
• Extra Care Plus
• Health Infinity Plan
• Critical Illness Insurance for Women
• Personal Accident Cover

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Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance- Claim Process

Filing your health insurance claim with Bajaj Allianz is a quick and easy process. The company settles genuine cashless claims within 60 min. An insured person can reach out to the In-house Health Administration team for faster claim processing. Bajaj Allianz offers both cashless and reimbursement claims.

  • Follow the given steps to file an insurance claim with Bajaj Allianz.
  •  One can raise their claim request, as soon as the doctor advises hospitalization or treatment option.
  •  Policyholders can register their claim by visiting the network hospital (for cashless claims) or the hospital of their choice (for reimbursement claims).
  •  Next, upload the required documents such as medical bills, hospitalization documents, etc., and know the status instantly.
  •  All permissible claims will be settled (within 7 working days) after carrying out a customary verification process of the required documents.

Note: Policyholders can even initiate their claim process through Health CDC- Health Claim on Direct Click, which is an app-based feature that allows them to register claims and track them.

Hospital Name Hospital Type Insurance Type Contact Number Location
RANA HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 220067 440644 Punjab, Jalandhar
CARDIONOVA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (CIMS) Multi-Speciality Cashless 7527015001 / 7527015002 / 03 Punjab, Jalandhar
CHAWLA NURSING HOME & METERNITY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 5072323 / 2224374 / 223662 / 2224173 Punjab, Jalandhar
MAHAJAN EYE HOSPITAL AND MATERNITY HOME Multi-Speciality Cashless 2227608 / 2242418 Punjab, Jalandhar
MAKKAR HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2250770 Punjab, Jalandhar
MODERN HOSPITAL- JALANDHAR Multi-Speciality Cashless 2272829 / 5020610 Punjab, Jalandhar
NEPHROPLUS DIALYSIS CENTER-JALANDHAR Multi-Speciality Cashless 2481963 Punjab, Jalandhar
NEW RUBY HOSPITAL (P) LTD Multi-Speciality Cashless 2224151 Punjab, Jalandhar
ORTHONOVA JOINT & TRAUMA HOSPITAL PVT. LTD. Multi-Speciality Cashless 5080682 Punjab, Jalandhar
CAPITOL HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2366666 / 9915015718 Punjab, Jalandhar
SACRED HEART HOSPITAL (MAQSUDAN) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2672126, 2670664 Punjab, Jalandhar
SHAKUNTLA DEVI VIG HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2200725 Punjab, Jalandhar
SHARANJIT HOSPITAL AND HARJINDER MATERNITY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2205651 / 2254598 Punjab, Jalandhar
SWAMI SATYANAND HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 5088483 / 5084411 Punjab, Jalandhar
TAGORE HOSPITAL & HEART CARE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 2,03,32,22,03,38,82,54,000 Punjab, Jalandhar
THIND EYE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 4697500 / 501 / 525 / 4697555 Punjab, Jalandhar
VEDANTA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL & TRAUMA CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 2277000 / 2277100 Punjab, Jalandhar
KATARIA EYE & E.N.T. HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2254699 / 5075484 Punjab, Jalandhar
DUGGAL EYE HOSPITAL& SKIN CARE CENTRE Multi-Speciality Cashless 5063996 Punjab, Jalandhar
GHAI HOSPITAL (JALANDHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2442386 / 2277837 Punjab, Jalandhar
HP ORTHOCARE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 0 Punjab, Jalandhar
INDIA KIDNEY HOSPITAL & DIALYSIS CENTRE (JALANDHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2243046-47 Punjab, Jalandhar
JOHAL HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2410620 / 2410820 Punjab, Jalandhar
JOSHI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2621333 Punjab, Jalandhar
KAPIL HOSPITAL (JALANDHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2235822 Punjab, Jalandhar
KAPOOR BONE & CHILDREN HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2291700 Punjab, Jalandhar
DR. HARPREET EYE & DENTAL CARE CENTER Multi-Speciality Cashless 4621971 Punjab, Jalandhar
KIDNEY HOSPITAL & LIFELINE MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS Multi-Speciality Cashless 4681100 / 4681239 Punjab, Jalandhar
ANKUR KIDS SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 4679999 Punjab, Jalandhar
BABA BUDA SAHIB CARDIAC CENTRE PRUTHI HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2222266 / 44/88/99 Punjab, Jalandhar
BALAJI MEDICARE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2206395 Punjab, Jalandhar
BATH HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2233102 / 4627102 Punjab, Jalandhar
BATRA HOSPITAL (JALANDHAR) Multi-Speciality Cashless 2403603 Punjab, Jalandhar
BHATIA EYE HOSPITAL Multi-Speciality Cashless 2280123 Punjab, Jalandhar

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