Capgemini India Leave Policy

Capgemini India Private is an IT service and consulting company. Registered in Mumbai,
India, Capgemini offers its expertise in the cloud, AI data, software, digital engineering,
platforms, and connectivity. The total revenue of Capgemini is 18B Euros. There are over
350K employees who work there across 50+ countries.

Capgemini provides a decent work-life environment with a copious amount of leave
benefits to employees. However, it does not categorize leaves into many categories but
offers enough leaves that can be used for various reasons. Let me brief you about the leaves
and their types in Capgemini India.

Public Holidays in Capgemini

It depends on your base location, but Capgemini India provides at least ten public holidays.
These holidays can be provided for Diwali, Holi, Durga Pooja, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,

Public holidays can be different for employees working within different states of the same
country. In general, eight holidays remain fixed, while two are optional. Employees cannot
exchange eight non-optional holidays with any other holiday.

Week Offs in Capgemini

Like several other companies, Capgemini generally works on a five-day working model. In
most projects and offices, Saturday and Sunday remain off. 

However, it can change as per the project’s demand and location too. But weekends off is
the general calendar overall.

Earned Leave Policy in Capgemini

Capgemini India provides 22 paid leaves yearly. Employees get two monthly leaves for the
first ten months and one monthly leave each for the remaining two. Apart from the
statutory leave, the employees at Capgemini are also entitled to extra 6 days of the legal

Employees can also carry forward 15 of these leaves to the subsequent year. The remaining
leaves if not used, get lapse automatically.

Sick Leave Policy in Capgemini

Capgemini does not provide sick or medical leaves separately and suggests employees use
Earned Leaves as sick leaves (if required). Most companies offer 15-16 ELs yearly and 10-
12 SLs, but Capgemini provides EL/SL/PL together.

However, the company provided seven working days off for COVID-positive employees.
Combining them with weekends gave 11 leaves in total.

Comp Offs in Capgemini

Capgemini offers comp offs in most cases if an employee works on a weekend or other
holiday. However, it can change as per the project requirements or manager.

Casual Leave Policy in Capgemini

Again, Capgemini does not provide Casual Leaves separately, and employees should use
paid or earned leaves as CLs. You can also use these leaves with one or two fixed holidays
to enjoy the most important festivals. The company offers EL/PL at the start of the New

There are some benefits and some disadvantages to this structure. Most companies offer
sick or casual leaves separately but do not let employees carry forward or encash them. So,
in most cases, they get lapse. Here in Capgemini, these leaves do not get lapsed, but you get
fewer leaves.

Maternity Leave Policy in Capgemini

Since January 2017, Capgemini allows 26 weeks of paid maternity leaves. The company
also offers in-house facilities like lactation rooms or flexi work options across PAN India
offices other than these leaves.

Flexi work option means employees can opt for work from home or can work for reduced
hours, but for a specific period only. Female employees can also take additional four weeks
of unpaid leaves in case of an emergency.

Capgemini also offers a program named Fare Welcome to employees returning from
maternity leaves. The program assists women employees in staying connected with
colleagues and the organization. As per the company, it helps employees to transition back
to work effortlessly.

Adoption Leave Policy in Capgemini

Employees in Capgemini can get up to 60 calendar days’ leaves if they adopt a child. The
the employee should provide a birth certificate, a legal relationship with the new baby, and
other related certificates to avail of leave benefits.

It is a very different policy than the US employees get there. They get 52 weeks of leave (26
paid + an additional 26 unpaid) regardless of whether they are adopting, giving birth,
primary caregiver or partner, etc.

Paternity Leave Policy in Capgemini

Capgemini India offers only five days of paid paternity leaves for fathers. They can combine
them with week offs and make them seven, but that’s about it. As per the sources, there are
no additional unpaid leaves employees can add to them.

Miscarriage Leave Policy in Capgemini

The maternity benefit act gives leaves in case of a mishappening like a miscarriage. As per
the act, a woman employee should get up to six weeks of paid leaves in this unfortunate

Leaves as per Experience in Capgemini

Capgemini also offers different leave policies for people having different experiences. For
instance, employees get 15-17 Paid Leaves yearly for the first five years. After five years, it
can increase to 20-25 earned or paid leaves per year.

That was it about the leave policies of Capgemini India. Overall, Capgemini provides fewer
leaves than other companies but gives a decent option of merging or using them the way
any employee wants. Also, the chances of your leaves getting lapsed are fewer in Capgemini
than in other companies.

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