Crypto World Trading Company Scam

Crypto World Trading Company Scam News

The Crypto World trending company is a money investment company. It works with the support of a centralized exchange board. In the Crypto world, trending sells, buys, and exchanges money very confidently. Its official website is Crypto world 

As per today’s scenario, the demand for the share market is too high. Every person of today’s time, whether it is a rickshaw man or a big business person, everyone wants to earn profit by investing money in the share market.

Although the share market is profitable, it is completely risky. Because as you are well aware the recent scam which has been done by Vikas Kalda, who lives in Ambala, Haryana State, India.

Vikas Kalda duped the earning of blood and sweat from poor people into big businessmen in the name of a company named Crypto World Trading.

Under this fraud, he absconded with his family with more than 250 crores of people’s money. He took money from people by convincing them that he would triple their money in 5 months through Crypto World Trading Company.

What was the scheme to add more investors?

A person named Vikas Kalda, who is related to the Ambala district of Haryana, takes money from the people on behalf of a crypto world trading company. The crypto world trading platform is India’s best platform. To invest in this company, its minimum start price was only 8,000.

In the scheme to add more investors, he took money from people by convincing them that he would triple their money in 5 months through Crypto World Trading Company.

To connect more and more investors through Vikas Kalda, greed has been created in the minds of the people. He said that he would give them back within five months only about two or three times more of their original amount. In this way, this network went on growing, and almost hundreds of people invested in it. So, in the end, all the rich and poor people were duped at 250 crores by Vikas Kalda.

This business was going through Crypto World Trading Company for almost the last few months.

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How many investors from which region are involved?

The investigation of the scam done by Vikas Kalra is now going on, now investors are also slowly helping the police to uncover the scam’s success.

More than 140 investors who have invested more than 1,00,000 in this success are from Haryana, India.

Apart from this, according to the investments of the police, the number of people who started with a minimum amount of 8000 is quite high. Most of the people are from Ambala and apart from this, the rest investors are also involved. They all are related to other districts of Haryana.

The amount collected by Company

Recently, a list has been given to the police on behalf of the investors, in which their names, investment amount, mobile numbers, and places of residence have been written.

Kingpin Vikas Kalda, done in the name of Crypto World Trading Company, has cheated the money of more than hundreds of people. Out of these only 140 people’s names have been known so far.

The names of some investors who have invested more than 1 lakh are as follows;

Investor’s Name Investing Amount in Rupees (₹)
Nirmal Singh 13 Lakh 
Manish2 Lakh 
Abhishek Luthra8 Lakh 
Shubham Luthra 4.50 Lakh 
Ankush & Manish Both are invested 2-2 Lakh
Anjali Kalda8 Lakh 
Mukesh Sachdeva 4 Lakh 
Tarun Thareja 5 Lakh 
Ramgopal & Gagan Kalda Both are invested 4-4 Lakh
Surbhi, Shivam, Yogesh Anand, Nita Rani, Gurvir They all invested approx 80,000 Rs. 
Mandeep 28.88 Lakh
Paramjit 3 Lakh 
Nitin Dhiman 6.40 Lakh 
Rupa Vasisath 2.40 Lakh 
Hira Lal & Ashutosh Both are invested 40,000 Rs.
Avtar Sanwan 10 Lakh 
Gurcharan & Harsh Both are invested 5-5 Lakh 

Apart from these, there are some other investors whose money has been cheated. All these investors’ names are Sanju who invested 1.50 Lakh, Ravi Kumar invested 5.80 Lakh, Sukhvinder, Dipak, Manish Saini, Sipali Kansal, Deep Singh, etc.

How did the company make a fool of investors?

Crypto World Trading Company Kingpin Vikas Kalda has not left any stone unturned to make people fool. In fact, a statement was given by the investors to the police about how the company fooled them.

Whatever trade was done by Vikas Kalda through this company, he made first all of the investors’ IDs on the company name. To generate an identification number in the name of the company, its minimum amount was 8,000.

With the help of these 8,000 rupees, an investor’s Id was made in the name of the company. After this, about after five days a week, a minimum of two dollars used to come on the app of Crypto World Trading Company according to the investment money of the investors.

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Under this trading, the price of 1 dollar was around 80,000. Except for Saturday and Sunday, there was a possibility of getting dollars on the investors’ investing money on all the other days of the week.

In this way, any investor who took 8000 in a week was expected to get about 10 dollars which was equal to 800. So in the same way, if someone invests 8,000 in four weeks of the month, then there is a possibility of getting more than 3200 rupees from him.

As this, all the investors would have gotten two or three times their investment profit in just 5 months. Investors used to send all received dollars to the agent to convert dollars into rupees and take a recording of the dollar amount on their money.

Similarly, the rate of providing various kinds of dollars was specified to those who created ID with Rs. 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 1 lakh, or more. Through this investment, approx 96,000 rupees were claimed in 5 months for using just 40 thousand.

So in this way, by luring people into this scam from Crypto World Company, a huge amount of money was twitch on them. The kingpin Vikas Kalda promoted investing a huge amount of money in inventors by going to their homes, shops, and markets. Now, people have complained of fooling the police.

Where is the CEO hiding now?

The CEO of the Crypto world trading company is hiding now. This is the biggest scam done by Vikas Kalda on behalf of Crypto World Trade Company till 2022 in Ambala of Haryana district.

Now along with Jashandeep Singh Randhawa, who is SP of Ambala, Haryana, the Economic offenses branch of the police also started to find the CEO. The CEO of the Crypto World Trading Company is Vikas Kalda from Ambala, Haryana who actually committed this fraud. Now, investigate the whole matter of the 300 Crore fraud by the Economic offenses branch.

The people’s senses have been completely blown away after this fraud, especially those who had invested a large amount of their blood and sweat. Vikas Kalda is accompanied by four others who have supported him in committing this fraud.

What will the police do in the matter?

Recently, on Monday 22nd August 2022, a notification came on the official website of Crypto World, the crypto world trading company.

After seeing that, every investor/person who had invested in this company through Vikas Kalra has cheated about 300 crores with the investors in 2022.

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After this, all the investors who had invested money in this company informed the police about this whole matter and some people even met the police.

The police have now started investigating this matter very seriously. The Economic Offenses Branch of the Police has taken all the responsibility for investigating the matter.

The police are openly engaged in talking about this entire matter with all the investors so that they can settle it soon.

Investors are also giving full strength to the police, recently a list of more than 140 people has been given to the investors by the police. In this list, people are given investors’ names, addresses, amounts invested in the Crypto world trading company, and phone numbers.

Will the government take serious steps?

Yes, the government is also taking serious steps in this 300-crore fraud. Anil Vij’s Janata Darbar ran around for 9 hours in Ambala, district of Haryana, he received more than 6 thousand complaints against this happening fraud.

Can investors have their money back?

However, all efforts are being made by the police and the government to find Vikas Kalra. Online business fraud/scamming is becoming a common thing in today’s time.

It is for sure that the investor will still get their money when the fraudster Vikas Kalra is detected by the police. This 300 crore fraud is through Crypto World Trading Company.

Cybercrimes such as making fake websites, and cyber scams are punishable under this section of IPC with a 7-year jail period and/or fine. This section of the IPC negotiates with crimes connected to password thefts for engaging in fraud or forming fraudulent websites.

The highest penalty for fraud as defined in Section 447 is imprisonment for a period which shall not be less than 6 months but which may raise to 10 years and a fine which shall not be less than the amount applied in the fraud but may rise to 3 times the amount implicated in the fraud.

How and why do Indians still believe in these types of schemes?

In today’s time, there will be no person who does not want to become rich. Everyone wants to not become rich without hard work in a short time.

The people of today’s generation do not want to work hard at all, especially since most of the people of our Indian country do not work hard and found some small way to earn money.

The share market is the best medium to earn money in today’s time. Nowadays everyone, even adults, earns a lot of money by investing in the stock market. Because of this, greed increases in their mind and they keep investing. In the same way, they make conventions to invest more people with them.

Many people do not know how to invest, so they trade in the company with the help of people like Vikas Kalra, from which they have to face situations like fraud.

What have you learned from these types of scams?

Recently, on Monday 22nd, 2022, with millions of people, Vikas Kalda, a resident of Ambala, successfully committed a fraud of approx 250 to 300 crores. All of the trade is done in the name of the Crypto World Trading Company by Vikas Kalra.

We have learned from these types of scams that greed is a bad thing. Apart from this, we also learned that one can never get good results by cheating people’s hard-earned money. Just keep working hard and sometimes you will get good results from your hard work, so you should believe only in your earned amount.

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