Infosys India Leave Policy 2023

Being a global leader in next-generation, Infosys is an Indian multinational company that provides IT, consulting, and digital transformation services. Enabling clients in more than 50 countries, Infosys continues to improve its performance to become a thriving enterprise. Infosys has over 3 lakh employees in India; therefore, the company keeps innovating with its people policies to motivate Infoscions. The company offers its employees access to many benefits such as health insurance, on-the-job training, and more to encourage their people.

Infosys Annual Leave Policy

Infosys credits 15 to 20 leaves annually. Employees are expected to consume 50% of leaves mandatorily, and the rest can be carried forward to the next year. Only after completing two years of service in Infosys, employees can accumulate a maximum of 30 leaves for leave encashment.

Infosys usually give 15-20 days off a year as Paid Time Off (PTO) and vacation, with around 55% of employees expected to work free out of the office.

Infosys Sick Leave Policy

Infosys does not provide any specific sick leaves or casual leaves. Employees will only get 20 paid earned leaves in a year, and they have to manage everything within those leaves. So if the employees have to take sick days off, they will be deducted from their earned leave balance.

Infosys Leave Carry Forward

Employees at Infosys are allowed to carry forward 50% of their earned leaves to the next year. However, the maximum number of leaves they can carry forward is 30. If the employees did not avail 50% of their earned leaves in a year, then it will be treated as lapsed.

Leave Encashment in Infosys

Leave encashment at Infosys happens only once a year during the month of June. Employees will be able to encash their leaves only if their leave balance exceeds 15 days at the end of any calendar year. Also, Infosys has a policy where employees cannot accumulate more than 30 leaves at any point in time during their stay with the company, and the same will lapse if the leave balance crosses 30 days.

Infosys Maternity Leave Policy

Infosys offers 8 weeks of paid maternity leave to their female employees after the birth of their child. Apart from maternity leave, Infosys also provides miscarriage leave. In case of miscarriage or termination of pregnancy based on medical grounds, the female employee at Infosys is eligible for 6 weeks of paid leave starting from the date of miscarriage or termination of pregnancy. To avail of miscarriage leave, the employee has to furnish the necessary medical certificates.

Infosys Paternity Leave Policy

Infosys understands the importance of the bond a father has to share with their newborn baby. Therefore, the company allows all of its male employees to use paid parental leave. At the moment, the paternity leave offered to male employees at Infosys is three working days. Though the days for paternity leave are fewer, employees have the right to combine their paternity leave with existing vacation days and sick leaves.

Infosys Leave Policy for Freshers

There is no leave discrimination in Infosys for freshers, be it PL (paid leave), SL (sick leave), or CL (casual leave). Until the experience years of 3, the total number of leaves in a year is 15, divided as 4, 4, 4, and 3 per quarter. After that, the total number of leaves increases to 20 per year.

Public Holidays in Infosys

Infosys allows 11 public holidays along with optional holidays which employees can take based on their religious or cultural beliefs. In addition to that, 2 personal days off can be taken in a year at the employee’s discretion.

Infosys Leave Policy for Marriage

Just like the sick leave policy, Infosys does not provide any special leaves for marriage. However, employees can utilize their earned leaves. In case employees don’t have enough earned leaves, then they can opt for advanced leaves.

Employees are advised to apply for leaves as usual; however, if it will be for more than a week, make sure to get it approved by the manager in advance and then apply for the leaves.

Infosys Leave Policy during the Notice Period

Usually, employees are recommended not to take leaves during the notice period. Taking leaves during the notice period might extend your last working day (LWD) in general. However, it totally depends upon your manager or the project that you are working on.

Though taking leaves during the notice period is generally not allowed, employees can still take sick leaves (earned leaves) if they have any left. Just make sure to have all the medical documents available with you.

Infosys Exit Process

Leave Infosys in just a few easy steps:

  1. Go to Infy Intranet and file a separation request on the E-Separation portal on web apps on Sparsh.
  2. Answer a couple of questions regarding your exit decision.
  3. Complete the form and hit submit.
  4. Following this, some automatic emails will get triggered and your company HR and immediate manager will be notified.
  5. Serve the notice period, which is three months or 90 days.
  6. Get the no dues/no objection certificates (NOC) from the finance, Computer & Communication Division, and E&R departments.
  7. Give the exit interview, hand over your ID card and laptop, and you are free to go.

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