This public notice provides an update on the payment status to investors/applicants of PACL Ltd. The Justice (Retd.) R. M. Lodha Committee had previously requested eligible investors to submit their original PACL certificates to receive payments. However, considering the difficulties faced by investors in submitting the original certificates, the Committee has decided to make payments without insisting on the original certificates for applications with outstanding amounts between Rs. 15,000/- and Rs. 17,000/-. An amount of Rs. 85.68 crore has been paid to 1,14,933 eligible applicants within this range.

The Committee had also given an opportunity to investors/applicants with claims up to Rs. 15,000/- to rectify deficiencies in their claim applications. An amount of Rs. 2.45 crore has been paid to 3,747 applicants in this category.

So far, the Committee has successfully refunded a total of 19,61,690 eligible applicants with outstanding amounts up to Rs. 17,000/-, totaling Rs. 919.91 crore.

Investors are informed that the deadline for submitting original PACL certificates has passed, and they are advised not to send their original certificates unless further instructed by the Committee.

Investors are once again cautioned against giving away their original PACL certificates.

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