The Lodha Committee and the market regulator, SEBI India were tasked to get generate refunds for people who invested their hard earned money in the real estate development company, PACL. Last year the Committee refunded those investors whose principal amount invested in PACL was ₹2500 or below. Now, SEBI India has released a new piece of information for all the affected investors eagerly waiting for their refunds. Let us discuss below this latest update on PACL refunds:

Refunds for Investors with Claims up to ₹5000

There are four main things to note with respect to the new updates on PACL refunds issued by SEBI:

  • SEBI India has announced that it is processing the refund claims for investors whose principal sum invested in PACL invested was up to ₹5000. This clearly implies that refunds are underway and people waiting for their money might receive it any time. Soon, people with claims up to ₹5000 shall be given their money back.
  • SEBI India is also looking into the claim applications of those who possess original bond
    certificates and receipts of their investments made. Scanned copies of such bonds and receipts shall be uploaded by the SEBI.
  • The investors with claims above ₹5000 and any other pending case of refunds have been asked by SEBI to wait for new notifications or updates by the Committee regarding their refunds claims.
  • SEBI has ensured that it shall look into matters where the nominees or legal heirs of investors have said that they do not possess any receipts to show as proof.
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10 thoughts on “PACL Refund News up to 5000 INR

  1. i need my claim refund status certificate number : U180352146 & U180352147 both my self. another one my wife was kannagi no:u180379520, kindly refund the above mentioned claim amount, Kindly do the needful.

  2. My acknowledgement number is K5VZ8JNW3B
    HOw can I know the status of my refund.

    Thanks in advance for your clarification.

  3. अनपढ लोगौं को बातौं मैं उलझाकर
    बीमा बताकर रूपया लूटा गया रूपया
    मिलना हाथी के मुह मैं गन्ने के बराबर

    1. क्या किसी भाई बहन ने फार्म पढकर हस्ताक्षर किया नही किया केवल बातौ
      के आधार पर किया SD PACL
      अनपढ लोगौ को उल्लू बनाया ।

  4. sir, I have a claim amount of Rs60000, urgent need of it. Can you tell me how early I will get my money back.

  5. मुझे मेरेबॉन्ड अब मिले हैं क्या मुझे पैसे वापस मिल सकते हैं

  6. Good news, keep updated, also please envisage how to apply refund for who surrender’s their PACL bonds to PACL after completion of the term with having only acknowledgement.

  7. I have registered the certificates for refund. Is it in process or not. How long will take to refund. I want further communication since from july 2019, the time has elapsed 4 months. Very late processing.

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