Tata Steel Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Tata Steel Leave Policy 2024

Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Steel is an Indian multinational steel-making company. Formerly known as Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO), Tata Steel is part of the Tata Group. With over 32000 employees, Tata Steel operates in 26 countries, with its main business in India.

In 2022, Tata Steel was listed among India’s Best Workplaces in the Manufacturing sector. The company is inclusive of its LGBTQIA+ employees. In addition to providing healthcare benefits, financial aid, and sabbatical, Tata Steel has a people-friendly leave policy to empower its employees. The company’s leave policy ensures that its employees can take as much time as needed to take care of personal matters without worrying about work.

Let’s have a detailed look at Tata Steel’s Leave Policy.

Tata Steel Sick Leave Policy

Employees at Tata Steel are allowed ten sick leaves in a calendar year. Employees are eligible to avail of sick days from the date of joining the company on a pro-rata basis.
Employees cannot combine their sick days with another leave. Also, employees are required to furnish medical certificates in case of more than two consecutive sick days.

Employees can accumulate their sick leaves for up to 30 days beyond that, it will lapse.

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Tata Steel Casual Leave Policy

Tata Steel allows its employees to avail of casual leave from the date of joining the company on a pro-rata basis. Employees can take seven casual leaves in a calendar year with prior approval from their reporting manager. However, employees cannot take more than three consecutive days at a stretch.

Tata Steel Privilege Leave Policy

Employees at Tata Steel are entitled to 2.5 days per month (30 days a year) as Privilege leave, provided that they have completed their probation period with the company.
Privilege leaves cannot be combined with any other leave. A maximum of 15 days of Privilege leave can be carried forward to the following year. Employees can accumulate their privilege leaves for up to 60 days. Leave balance over 60 days will be encashed every year with a maximum cap of 15 days.

Note: The company encourages its employees to benefit from the annual privilege leave by planning their Leave Calendar and sharing it with the managers for approval and to ensure appropriate & timely work planning.

Tata Steel Adoption Leave Policy

In case an employee wishes to give a child a chance for a bright future, Tata Steel proudly supports them in their journey. Eligible employees are entitled to adoption leave benefits with full pay for 12 weeks on a legal adoption of a child of age 5 years or less. Employees are allowed to avail adoption leave up to a maximum of 2 times (can be taken in one instance without a stretch).

Tata Steel Maternity Leave Policy

As per the Maternity Benefit Act, of 1961, all female employees, who have worked for at least 80 days in a year immediately preceding the expected date of delivery, are entitled to maternity leaves.

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Tata Steel provides paid maternity leave of 26 weeks (six months) for delivering up to two surviving children & 12 weeks for more than two children.

In cases of any illness arising due to pregnancy, female employees can take additional leave for one month to recover. Whereas a maximum of four months extra leave may be granted (by furnishing a medical certificate) to a female officer at Tata Steel Ltd., who is unable to get back to work on the expiry of maternity leave.

Female employees who resume work after maternity leave can take two nursing breaks of 45 minutes each every day until the child attains the age of fifteen months.

Tata Steel Paternity Leave Policy

All male employees at Tata Steel are eligible for paid paternity leave of 15 days to spend some time with their newborn baby. Eligible employees need to avail of these leaves within six months from the birth of the child.

Tata Steel Menstrual Leave Policy

The company has introduced a menstrual leave policy in which a female employee can take a leave of one day per month. A female employee can take such leave on the first day of their period without any specific approval.

Tata Steel Surrogacy Leave Policy

The company provides 12 weeks of paid surrogacy leave to a commissioning mother. The leave will be effective from the date when the child is handed over to a commissioning mother, whereas a full maternity leave benefit of 26 weeks will be allowed to a delivering mother.

Tata Steel Childcare Leave Policy

Tata Steel provides eligible employees with childcare leave (CCL) of 15 days per year to look after their child of 5 years or below. The additional Privilege leave can be utilized if the baby is sick or needs the full-time attention of the mother. Both primary and non-primary caregivers are allowed to avail of Child Care Leave for children up to 5 years of age.

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New Born Parent Leave Policy

Tata Steel has recently introduced ‘The New Born Parent Leave’ policy that allows eligible employees (including male employees, transgender, any one partner of gay/lesbian couple) to take up to 10 days paid leave in case of birth of a new baby or adoption of a child of up to 5 years of age. The leave is to be taken at one stretch within six months of the birth of a child or adoption of a kid of age five years or less. Both primary and non-primary caregivers are entitled to newborn parent leave.

Tata Steel Holiday List 2024

Category Holiday Date
Fixed Holidays Republic Day -01-26
Fixed Holidays Holi -03-08
Fixed Holidays Ram Navami -03-30
Fixed Holidays Independence Day -08-15
Fixed Holidays Raksha Bandhan -08-30
Fixed Holidays Janmashtami -09-07
Fixed Holidays Gandhi Jayanti -10-02
Fixed Holidays Durgapuja – Navami -10-23
Fixed Holidays Vijaya Dashami -10-24
Fixed Holidays Govardhan Puja -11-13
Fixed Holidays Bhai Duj -11-14
Optional Holidays Sohrai/Lohri -01-13
Optional Holidays Makar Sankranti -01-14
Optional Holidays Netaji’s Birthday -01-23
Optional Holidays Mahashivratri -02-18
Optional Holidays Holika Dahan -03-07
Optional Holidays Sarhul -03-24
Optional Holidays Mahavir Jayanti -04-04
Optional Holidays Good Friday -04-07
Optional Holidays Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Birthday -04-14
Optional Holidays Id-Ul-Fitr -04-22
Optional Holidays Buddha Purnima -05-05
Optional Holidays Vaisakhi -04-14
Optional Holidays Birthday of Guru Rabindranath Tagore -05-09
Optional Holidays Tata Steel Founder’s Day -03-03
Optional Holidays May Day/Labor Day -05-01
Category 2 Uzhavar Thirunal -01-17
Category 2 Mahaveer Jayanthi -04-04
Category 2 Good Friday -04-07
Category 2 Ramzan -04-22
Category 2 Bakrid (Idul Azha) -06-29
Category 2 Muharram -07-29
Category 2 Krishnajayanthi -09-06
Category 2 Melad Un Nabi -09-29

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