PACL SEBI Latest News 2024- Message From Janlok Pratisthan

The way in which all the people had deposited 2500 / – from online processing to SEBI’s website, the SEBI has returned the money to the investor. All of you should know the thing that the money was meant to be served on Pro rata Basis, but our main focus was that investors should not have a refund on the Pro rata base. Which was accepted by SEBI.

If it were from the pro rata basis, then everyone would have received equal money. According to the Pro rata rule all the recovered money by SEBI will divided among 6 crore investors equally whether the invested amount was less or high. But we succeed to convince SEBI to pay each investors what they have invested in pacl.

I want to tell all the investors towards the Janlok Pratishthan that, whenever the paper is asked for a large amount from SEBI in second round, then all of you must have to be involved in this process, if not, then we will not get refund.

We will not get this money by opening PACL offices again. All the investors and agents will have to exploit this system because it is a judicial process. To start the process of the big amount soon, we have written a petition to newly appointed Chief Justice Shri Ranjan Gogoi which has been written on October 22, 2018. In which our Joint Establishment has written to Shri Gogoi ji regarding the money refund of our 6 cr pacl investors, We asked them put a stamp on any of the BEST Proposals that came to the RM LODHA committee so that the investors can get the money as soon as possible. Janlok pratisthan working for you.

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