Pournami December 2024 Date and Time Calender

Month Purnima Name Date (IST)
January Pausha 24th (Wednesday)
January Pausha (Vrat) 25th (Thursday)
February Magha 23rd (Friday)
March Phalguna 24th (Sunday)
April Chaitra 23rd (Tuesday)
May Vaishakha 22nd (Wednesday)
May Vaishakha (Vrat) 23rd (Thursday)
June Jyeshtha 21st (Friday)
July Ashadha 20th (Saturday)
August Shravana 19th (Monday)
September Bhadrapada 17th (Tuesday)
October Ashwina 16th (Wednesday)
November Kartika 15th (Friday)
December Agrahayana 14th (Saturday)
Month Purnima Name Date (IST) Peak Fullness Time (IST) Estimated Visibility Duration
January Pausha 24th (Wednesday) 02:58 AM 10 hours 32 minutes
January Pausha (Vrat) 25th (Thursday) 08:41 AM 8 hours 49 minutes
February Magha 23rd (Friday) 09:13 AM 9 hours 07 minutes
March Phalguna 24th (Sunday) 10:42 AM 8 hours 35 minutes
April Chaitra 23rd (Tuesday) 12:15 PM 8 hours 08 minutes
May Vaishakha 22nd (Wednesday) 01:50 PM 7 hours 45 minutes
May Vaishakha (Vrat) 23rd (Thursday) 07:36 PM 7 hours 21 minutes
June Jyeshtha 21st (Friday) 08:50 PM 6 hours 55 minutes
July Ashadha 20th (Saturday) 10:02 PM 6 hours 33 minutes
August Shravana 19th (Monday) 11:18 PM 6 hours 15 minutes
September Bhadrapada 17th (Tuesday) 12:39 AM 5 hours 58 minutes
October Ashwina 16th (Wednesday) 02:06 AM 5 hours 41 minutes
November Kartika 15th (Friday) 03:42 AM 5 hours 24 minutes
December Agrahayana 14th (Saturday) 05:29 AM 5 hours 07 minutes

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