Pearl Agrotech Corporation Limited(PACL) has always been in news regarding its Ponzi scheme scams and the various cluster of investors have always fought for their rights. It’s a cheat and fund company which raised approximately Rs. 59000 crores of money in total from all investors over a period of 18 long years in the name of agriculture and Real Estate Businesses. Over the years, various subsidiaries of PACL has been established. PACL has swindled more than Rs.49000 crores of investors’ money and presently the promoters are in Jail. Its like daylight robbery.

Refund of Investors Money

SEBI has taken this issue seriously and over the years, investors are getting their money refunded. A panel headed by R M Lodha initiated a process of refund in two phases, it was like divide and conquer :

  1. January 2, 2018 – March 31, 2018
  2. February 8, 2019 – July 31, 2019

First Phase Upto Rs. 2500

In the first phase, refunds were effected in respect of 189103 investors having claim amount up to Rs. 2500/-.

Second Phase Upto Rs. 5000

In the second phase, 277544 investors having claim amount up to Rs. 5000/- have been paid.

Solution for Pending Claims

Various documents ( PACL receipt, claim amount, PAN, Bank account number, bank name, and IFSC code ) needs to be submitted for claiming the amount defaulted along with the application form.
Certain applications in second phase could not be processed on account of deficiencies in application. However panel has notified that it will provide an opportunity for investors to make good the default so that they recover their money quickly. Investors’ credibility on SEBI increases when SEBI addresses the grievances of investors.

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12 thoughts on “SEBI Transferred PACL Refund upto Rs 5,000

    1. i have submited my bonds on 17/7/17
      04 nos. certificates my claim as on 12/7
      17 apprx. 211680/- i have submitted bank details & Original certificates to you occice at worli. when will i get my money
      rama chandra reddy godi

  1. Dear PACL team,

    Please support me my family has no bank ac and also form is pending not apy for Refund what to do now please help

  2. wat about refund of amount above 5000/ when will we get refund
    isthere any way to know if our application and reciepts are processed and there in any fault in forms

  3. Dear Sir, I am Robert Thomas and I have submitted all the relevant documents for the claim during the second phase ( submitted my online claim application on 11/03/2019). Till date i have not received my money nor I did not get any notification.
    Plz help me.

    1. i agree with you , thori thori he krke kr deve governement return money .it means pehla 1 lac tu ghut walea nu de deve then ta ke poor people can use it for their children education and their marriage after taking some time unna nu jinna di more 1 lac and less then 2 lac hai , government chahe ta holi holi pesse vaps keete ja sakde hnn. i have quesion to government that ki people are responsible hnn eis fraud lei , pheer unna nu bhukta penda hai , people donot know about it ,je loka nu pta hunda ta people did not deposit their harder money.

  4. we want our harder money return , why government taking time to return money, people are not behind fraud of this company , because of this delay public have to face many problems,i request to government that we deposit this money for children and their education and marriage . we need it. all people need it. please give us our money please please please .

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