Accenture India Leave Policy

Accenture India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Accenture is a leading company that provides a variety of services in technology and operations, interactive, strategy, and consulting. Serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture continues to improve its performance to create a lasting experience. Accenture has over 2 lakh employees in India, therefore, the company keeps innovating and experimenting with its policies to motivate its employees. One such initiative is to promote people’s policies, keeping the employees’ best interests in mind. Accenture India is the first company in the country that has moved to gender-neutral policies.

Continue reading to get a detailed look at leave policies in Accenture India.

Accenture Leave Policy India 2024

Accenture India provides standard 8 paid holidays, along with two optional or floating days of the employee’s choice, in addition to their PTO (paid time off) program. Paid time off includes traditional vacation time and paid sick leave ranging from 17 to 27 per year, depending on the level and tenure of the employee in the organization. Accenture India provides three days of bereavement leave to their employees.

The company also offers 7 days of sick leave a year. If the employee does not avail them by the end of the year, they will be treated as lapsed. One cannot encash or carry forward their sick leaves.

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Accenture Leave Policy carries forward

In Accenture, if an employee manages to accumulate a leave balance of 30+ days in a year, only 20 days from them will be carried forward to the next year.

Accenture Leave Policy during the notice period

As per the policy, there is no separate leave benefit provided during the notice period, however, Accenture allows employees to take emergency leaves even during the notice period, but the reason should be genuine. Employees in Accenture can take sick leave during the notice period.

Accenture Leave Policy for new joiners

Employees who have just joined the company (Accenture) are entitled to get seven to eight emergency leave per year. In addition to that, the new joiners are also eligible for 12 days of vacation leave annually.

Accenture Leave Policy for marriage

There is no specific leave policy for employee marriage in Accenture. However, employees can avail of their personal leaves and combine them with their vacation leaves.

Though the company does not offer a separate leave quota for marriage, Accenture fully supports and offers maternity and paternity leave to their employees.

Accenture India Maternity Leave Policy

Accenture fully supports its employees in times of need with its people-friendly policies. Accenture not only extends its support by promoting parental leave, but it also offers a variety of other benefits, such as fertility and adoption support, reimbursements for surrogacy, and concierge service. Maternity leave in Accenture India for a female government employee is allowed in the service with less than two surviving children on a full pay scale up to 16 weeks from the date of its commencement. During the said leave period, the female employee shall be paid a leave salary equal to the pay that can be drawn immediately before commencing on leave.

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Accenture India Paternity Leave Policy

A male employee in Accenture India with less than two children is allowed to take paternity leave for 8 weeks. The paid time off (PTO) days for paternity leave are separated and cannot be deducted from the employee’s leave account. Similar provisions of paternity leave also apply to the adoption of a child (terms & conditions apply). Accenture also allows primary caregivers, both male and female employees, to work locally for up to one year following their return from the birth or adoption of a child.

Accenture vacation policy

Accenture provides paid 20 days of vacation leave per year to their employees. In case the employees do not avail of these paid leaves by the end of a year, they can either encash them or carry them forward to next year’s leave balance.

Accenture exit policy -Notice Period

The process for resigning from Accenture is pretty easy and automated. All you have to do is raise an exit request in the portal, which is available in the atlas tool. Upon raising a request, the employee’s immediate manager and HR will be automatically notified. The finance department will also get the notice. Following this, the employee will receive a checklist on how to return their company’s assets, such as a laptop, ID card keys, etc., on the last working day.

Accenture usually has 3 three-month notice period, so the employee will have enough time to understand the exit policy/process. To apply for resignation from Accenture, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit and click on the “Exit” section.
  2. Complete the resignation form online and click submit. 
  3. Upon submitting, a notification email will be sent to your supervisor, HR, and manager.
  4. It is advised that one should talk to their immediate manager before applying for resignation as he may try to understand your concern and help or retain you.
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Accenture Leave Policy for Covid 19

Accenture prioritizes the safety and well-being of its people in India. The company has introduced leave and work-from-home options for its people to take care of themselves and their family members who have tested positive for COVID-19. To support its people in India, Accenture has built several resources, including support for testing and vaccinations, 24/7 telemedicine, enhanced insurance coverage, care-at-home services, virtual childcare, and mental health support. The company has also created leave options for affected employees, as well as CareGivers.

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