Adobe India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Established in 1982, Adobe specializes in software for creating a wide variety of content, including illustrations, graphics, animation, and more. In India, the company majorly operates in Bangalore and Noida. With over 26,000 employees worldwide, Adobe is known to offer great working space for its people.

Adobe not only look after their employee but provides a variety of benefits to their families as well. Adobe believes that taking care of its employees is a crucial aspect to make their company a great place to work. Employees are eligible to avail of all Adobe’s benefits starting from their first day at work, provided they are regular employees.

The company helps you stay financially stable by launching many programs such as PF, Employee stock purchase plan, and Voluntary Provident Fund. Not only this, the company has also designed many perks and wellness resources for employees and their families, including retirement plans, life insurance, elderly care, and more. Adobe India has one of the best leave policies keeping employees’ best interests in mind.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at Adobe India’s leave policy.

Adobe India Sick Leave Policy

An employee at Adobe gets up to 10 days of paid sick leave each year to rest up and get well. Unused time cannot be carried forward and is forfeited at the end of the year. In case an employee need to take sick time, but doesn’t have any leave balance left, then he or she may take leave from their casual or vacation leave balance.

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Adobe India Casual Leave Policy

Adobe India provides up to 8 paid days of casual leave in a calendar year. Employees can use this time off in whichever way they wish. Unused leave days do not carry over to the following year, so employees should use their casual leave balance by the end of the year. Employees can submit their casual leave requests through the company’s Workday portal.

Adobe India Medical Leave Policy

Professionals working at Adobe can request a medical leave (other than sick leave) in case of an illness, surgery, or other medical emergency that would require them to stay away from work for an extended period. Employees are eligible to take up to 12 months of medical leave, provided they have reporting manager and Business Partner’s approval.

Employees are required to furnish a valid medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner to get leave approval. While returning to work, employees must also submit a doctor’s statement declaring that they’re healthy enough to come back to work.

Adobe India Maternity Leave Policy

Female employees at Adobe are entitled to 26 weeks of paid maternity time off for the birth or adoption of a child.

Adobe India Paternity Leave Policy

Newly becoming fathers at Adobe are eligible to take up to 8 weeks off to bond with their newborn baby. Paternity leaves can now be availed in addition to casual leave and need to be used within 6 months of the child’s delivery.

Adobe India Miscarriage Leave Policy

Adobe provides up to 6 weeks of paid miscarriage leave to female employees immediately following a miscarriage.

Adobe India National Holidays 2024

Employees at Adobe India are entitled to 12 preset days each calendar year for public or designated national holidays. However, the national holidays may vary depending on the office location (Chennai/Bangalore, Mumbai, or Noida/New Delhi).

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Adobe India Vacation Leave Policy

Employees at Adobe India are entitled to take 15 days of vacation time each calendar year. However, it is encouraged to schedule your time off after discussing it with your manager. Unutilized vacation can be carried forward to the following year, up to a maximum of 45 days. Once your accumulated leave balance reaches 45 days, you’ll stop earning vacation days until you use some of the leave.

Adobe India Unpaid Personal Leave Policy

Adobe allows employees to take time away from work to take care of personal matters. In such circumstances, employees may request unpaid personal leave. Now, employees can request one to three months of unpaid leave (6 months’ leave is also applicable with the manager and HRBP approval). Employees who have worked at Adobe for more than one year are eligible to take personal leave.

Adobe Winter Break Policy

Adobe India shuts down its operations each year, known as winter break. For 2023, the winter break will be from 22 December to 29 December. Five days of casual leave will be accommodated to provide payment during the winter break. In case employees don’t have enough casual leave balance, 5 days will be deducted from their vacation time. These deductions are automatic and don’t require separate requests for time away.

Global Wellbeing Days in Adobe India

Adobe provides 6 days off as Global Wellbeing days. The company hopes that professionals will use this time for taking a break, relax, or simply take care of themselves.

Adobe India Global Wellbeing Days 2024 falls on:

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Friday, March 24Wellbeing
Friday, April 7Wellbeing
Monday, May 1Wellbeing
Friday, June 16Wellbeing
Friday, August 11Wellbeing
Monday, October 23Wellbeing

Sabbatical Leave in Adobe India

Adobe offers a sabbatical leave to give employees extended time off to relax and pursue their dream.

How does the sabbatical program work in Adobe?

Who’s eligible for sabbatical leave? 

Adobe India employees who have completed at least 5 years of continuous employment with the company are eligible for sabbatical leave.

When to avail of sabbatical leave? 

Employees can opt for sabbatical leave within 2 years of being eligible, and it must be taken at one stretch.

How often one can take a sabbatical leave? 

Employees are eligible to take one sabbatical leave every 5 years.

The duration of sabbatical leave in Adobe is determined by how long the employee has been associated with the company.

  • Employees who are employed at Adobe for 5 years can take up to 4 weeks of sabbatical leave.
  • Employees who have completed 10 years with the company can take up to 5 weeks of sabbatical leave.
  • Employees who have worked for 15 years with Adobe can take up to 6 weeks of sabbatical leave.

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