Deloitte India Leave Policy 2024 – Holiday list 2024

Considered one of the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte is the largest professional
services network in the world.

Deloitte, being a global leader in Consulting believes that to be an undisputed leader in
professional services, the company must equip its employees with the resources that can
make a positive impact on their well-being journey. The company’s vision is to create a
leadership culture that primarily focuses on the development and well-being of its people. 
Deloitte offers many benefits to its employees. Medical insurance, a car lease program, and
discounted health screenings are some of Deloitte’s initiatives and programs to support
professionals and their family’s well-being needs.

The company also promotes its employees to take personal days off from work for their
well-being. To encourage and motivate their employees, the company has formed a rather
generous leave policy.

Continue reading to take a closer look at Deloitte India Leave Policy.

Deloitte Annual Leave Policy

Every employee at Deloitte is entitled to a standard 25 to 30 days of leave in a year (2.5
leaves per month), which is termed PTO (Personal Time Off). The number of leave days
depends on the professional’s experience and position in the company. In addition to that,
Deloitte also gives 11-12 national holidays that can be availed in a year.

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There is no bifurcation of leaves in Deloitte in terms of Sick Leaves (SLs), Casual Leaves
(CLs), and Privilege Leaves (PLs). Professionals can use these annual leaves at their
convenience for personal or Medical reasons.

Deloitte is very much flexible and has people-friendly policies. If the employee requires
more leaves due to his/her exhaustion of 30 days entitled leaves for Medical Emergency
then the employee can also apply for advance leaves.

Carried Forward Leave Policy in Deloitte

At Deloitte, employees are eligible to get 30 days of leave in a year and they can also carry
forward half of it to the next year. It is mandatory to avail of 15 days of leaves as it will not
be carried forward to the following year. If not utilized, then the leaves will be treated as
a lapse. The carried forward leaves can also be encashed.

Deloitte Paid Time Off (PTO) and holidays

Deloitte’s PTO and holiday program enable its employees a number of days that encircle
both vacation and paid time off. It gives employees the flexibility to manage their time
off in a way that makes sense for them and the company. The allotment of days in PTO
includes time off for a variety of reasons in one program, giving employees with control
over when to take time off from work.

Well Being Days at Deloitte

Extra time off from work is the new perk enabled for most of India Inc. Many
companies including Deloitte India are now giving their employees additional leave to
take care of themselves. The company believes that well-being days are necessary for
recharging, relaxing, and preventing burnout.

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In Deloitte, from December 25th, every employee gets around 7–10 days of Holidays
(including weekends), known as Well-Being days. Professionals can combine their PTO
(personal time off) plans with these holidays and they’re set for well-being time with
friends and family for about good 20 days or more.

Deloitte Sabbatical Leave Program

Through the Sabbatical leave program, Deloitte allows its employees to grow as individuals
and socially responsible leaders. It enables its professionals to request leaves, which
provides them with an opportunity to follow their passion and reenergize themselves to
help promote their effectiveness, creativity, and productivity. The sabbatical program
launched by Deloitte also fulfills its commitment to the community.

Deloitte India Parental Leave Policy

All women employees at Deloitte are entitled to maternity leave as per the Maternity
Benefits Act, of 1961. Deloitte’s maternity leave program provides female employees with
26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Whereas, male employees are entitled to five days of paid
adoption/paternity leave as a non-primary caregiver and 10 days as a primary caregiver.
Employees can also combine these leaves with annual leaves to spend more time with their
newborn children and bond with them.

Deloitte wants to contribute to creating an equal playing field for all parents, regardless of
their gender. Therefore, the company is continuously pushing for an equal distribution of
parental leave. The initiative is promoted to attract and retain the best talents to the
company, even when they become parents. Though the company has been successful in
getting in their mission, however, as of now the equal implementation of parental leave
policy has been limited to a few countries.

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In Danish Labor Market, Deloitte presents a new and improved parental leave policy:

From 1 June 2022, newly become fathers and co-parents at Deloitte will be entitled to 24
weeks of paid parental leave instead of the 12 weeks, which were given earlier. This
enables fathers and co-parents 13 weeks of additional paid parental leaves. It gives newly
becomes mothers, fathers, and co-parents equal parental leave opportunities.

From 1 February 2022, all parents at Deloitte can receive fully paid parental leave (i.e. 24
weeks) even after only 3 months of employment. The seniority requirement at Deloitte for
applying for leaves has been decreased from 12 months to 3 months. This means that if you
have been employed with Deloitte for a minimum period of 3 months, you are still eligible
for fully paid parental leave.

Deloitte Leave Policy during Notice Period

It is mandatory for employees at Deloitte USI (offices of US in India) to serve two months
(60 days) of notice period upon deciding to leave the company. During the notice period,
most employees cannot take any leaves. However, exceptions are allowed in case of
medical emergencies. Upon the successful completion of the notice period, the employee’s leave
balance that they get (i.e. 2.5 leaves per month) will be encashed in their bank account at
the time of full and final financial settlement.

Deloitte India holidays list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
March 8Holi
April 14Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday
April 22Id-ul-Fitr
May 1May Day
May 9Rabindra Jayanti
June 29Id-ul-Zuha
July 29Muharram
August 15Independence Day
September 6Janmashtami
September 17Vishwakarma Puja
September 28Foteha Dwaz Dham
October 2Gandhi Jayanti
October 14Mahalaya
October 20-28Durga Puja & Lakshmi Puja
November 12-15Kali Puja & Bhratridwitiya
November 27Guru Nanak’s Birthday
December 25Christmas Day

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