EY India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Ernst and Young India, EY India, offers assurance, consulting, transaction, and tax services to solve its clients’ challenges. EY was founded in 2008 and is the parent organization of EY India.

It helps guide governments about and through cash-flow crises, companies to fight data piracy, and medical institutes or bodies by unlocking new treatments using data analytics and offering the best audits in financial markets.

EY has more than 300k employees and a million alumni. EY also offers an MBA course, EY Tech MBA, in collaboration with the Hult International Business School.

EY India offers a balanced work-life environment with seven different types of leaves to its employees. These different types of leaves include Annual leaves, personal leaves, adoption leaves, and more.

Lets have a detailed look at EY India Leave Policy.

Annual Leaves Policy

EY India provides 18 annual leaves to its employees. At the end of the year, employees can carry forward up to 15 of these leaves for the following calendar year. The rest of the leaves get lapse automatically at the start of the new calendar year.

EY recommends utilizing these leaves for vacation as there are no separate Vacation Leaves offered to employees. Employees do not get additional leaves for marriage, exams, etc. So, employees should make use of these leaves for vacations, functions, or studies.

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Personal Leaves Policy

EY India offers 12 personal leaves to its employees in a calendar year. The company recommends using these leaves for injuries, personal work, sickness, or medical illness. However, combining these leaves with others is a little complex process.

Employees can stretch these personal leaves up to three days and extend them more than three days but must furnish a medical certificate. If an employee fails to do so, the company treats personal leaves as annual leaves.

Employees can combine these leaves with annual leaves only with a medical certificate. However, they can combine personal leaves with Maternity leaves. Employees cannot carry forward these leaves for the next year, which means all Personal Leaves lapse automatically at the end of a calendar.

Maternity Leaves Policy

Female employees in EY can avail of paid maternity leaves only after completing 80 days in the company. Employees can take up to 26 weeks of maternity leaves for up to two children. However, if an employee already has two children, then she will only get 12 weeks of paid maternity leaves for the birth of the third child.

Note: These maternity leaves come with some terms and conditions too. For instance, if a female employee has more than two children, they can not avail of maternity leaves more than six weeks before delivery.

In case of two or fewer children, employees can take paid maternity leaves for more than eight weeks before and eighteen weeks post-delivery. Employees can only avail of these leaves immediately before or after delivery.

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As far as combining leaves is concerned, female employees can combine maternity leaves with carry forwarded Annual leaves from the previous year’s calendar and earned leaves from the same year. However, they can only borrow ALs after some time. Employees can also combine these leaves with Personal leaves under similar terms and conditions as Annual Leaves.

Commissioning Parental Leaves Policy

A commissioning parent is a biological father or mother who uses sperm/egg to create an embryo implanted in another woman. In EY India, a commissioning parent can also get up to 26 weeks of parental leave in the case of a primary parent. However, an employee only gets 15 days of parental leave in the case of a secondary caregiver.

Paternity Leaves Policy

All male employees in EY can take paid paternity leaves for 15 working days within six months from the birth of their child. Employees can combine these leaves with Annual or Personal leaves. Employees can also use these leaves under the same terms and conditions as annual and casual leaves.

Employees in EY can only avail of paternity leaves for a maximum of two children. Employees should take these leaves at a stretch. The weekend or a budgeted holiday will not be counted as paternity leave.

Bereavement Leaves Policy

EY India gives up to five days of paid leaves in case of an unfortunate event of the demise of an immediate family member of an employee. Immediate family member includes domestic partner/spouse, parents/in-laws, siblings, grandparents, or children. An employee can only take this leave within 60 days of the demise of an immediate family member.

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EY India Vacation Policy

EY India does not offer vacation leaves and recommends using vacation leaves in the Annual Leaves section. As mentioned, you can carry 15 Annual Leaves to the next year and plan a decent vacation.

Adoption Leaves Policy

Employees in EY can avail of these leaves in case they adopt a child. Employees need to provide relevant documents to the talent consulting team.

Leaves Policy during Notice Period

Employees can adjust unutilized Annual Leaves against unserved notice periods or settle them as a part of a final and full settlement. Employees can even take leave during the notice period at the discretion of their immediate function head/supervisor/manager.

Leaves without Pay Policy

EY India’s employees can take leaves without pay if there’s no leave left to their credit. However, this can only happen in the case of special circumstances like medical emergencies, marriage, etc. An employee can get up to 15 days of leaves only after a discussion with the service line or function head.

EY India Holidays List in 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
March 8Holi
April 14Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday
April 22Id-ul-Fitr
May 1May Day
May 9Rabindra Jayanti
June 29Id-ul-Zuha
July 29Muharram
August 15Independence Day
September 6Janmashtami
September 17Vishwakarma Puja
September 28Foteha Dwaz Dham
October 2Gandhi Jayanti
October 14Mahalaya
October 20-28Durga Puja & Lakshmi Puja
November 12-15Kali Puja & Bhratridwitiya
November 27Guru Nanak’s Birthday
December 25Christmas Day

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