Flipkart Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Flipkart, the e-commerce company in India, has a comprehensive leave policy for its employees. The company recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers a range of leave options to ensure that its employees (also known as Flipster) can maintain their physical and mental well-being, while also meeting their work commitments.

The leave policy at Flipkart is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its employees. The policy offers various types of leave, such as casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, maternity/paternity leave, etc. Employees are entitled to a certain number of days for each type of leave, which varies depending on their job level and length of service.

Continue reading to get a detailed look at Flipkart’s leave policy.

Flipkart Annual Leave Policy

The company recognizes the importance of providing employees with the flexibility to take time off work for personal reasons and has made provisions for this in its leave policy.

Flipkart has a generous annual leave policy that gives employees ample time away from work. Flipsters are entitled to 20 days of paid annual leave in a year.

In addition to annual leave, Flipkart also provides-

  • 10 days of declared public holidays
  • 2 days of optional/flexi holidays, that can be availed anytime in a year
  • 1 day of special leave for a birthday or anniversary celebration
  • 5 days of marriage leave
  • Unlimited bereavement leave
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Flipkart Casual Leave Policy

Flipkart employees are also entitled to casual leave, which is meant for short-term absences from work. Employees can take up to 12 days of casual/sick leave in a year. Casual leave can be availed for personal reasons, such as attending urgent matters or attending family functions.

Whereas, sick leave can be availed of in case of illness or injury. Sick leave can also be availed of in case of hospitalization or medical emergencies.

Flipkart Earned Leave Policy

Flipkart also provides earned leave to its employees, which is calculated based on the employee’s length of service. Employees at Flipkart can take up to 30 days of earned leave in a year. Earned leave can be availed of for personal reasons, such as vacation or travel. Employees are also allowed to carry forward up to 30 days of earned leave at the end of every calendar year. Employees can also encash their earned leaves.

Flipkart Maternity Leave Policy

Flipkart provides full parental support benefits to its employees. Female employees at the organization are entitled to six months of paid maternity leave, along with 4 months of flexible work hours. This people-friendly policy ensures that employees at Flipkart can balance their family responsibilities while also meeting their work commitments.

In addition to maternity leaves, female professionals are also entitled to transport reimbursement and a dedicated parking spot for two months pre and post-delivery, along with counselor support and a day-care facility.

Flipkart Paternity Leave Policy

Male employees at Flipkart are also entitled to two weeks (15 days) of paid paternity leave. This gives newly become fathers the time to bond with their newborn babies.

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Male employees can take paternity leave either before, or after the baby is born (within the first nine months after the baby’s birth). Apart from the paternity leaves, employees are also entitled to flexible working hours (can be used either three months before or after the child’s birth) and up to 3 months of unpaid leave with assured continuity on the same job.

Flipkart Adoption leave policy

In case a Flipster Woman adopts a child under 12 months, they can avail of 6 months of paid leave. While in the case of a child above 12 months, they are eligible to take 3 months of paid leave.

Flipster Men can also avail 6 weeks of paid leave while adopting a child.Both men and women at Flipkart can avail flexible working hours for 4 months after the adoption of a child and can even take an unpaid leave of up to 3 months with job certainty.

Career Break Policy

Flipkart understands that employees need to manage their priorities. Therefore employees are eligible to get extended time away from work for pursuing higher education, medical emergency for self or family, taking care of parents/spouse/children, and paternity/maternity/adoption.

Employees at Flipkart are allowed to take up to six months of unpaid time away from work as a career break. This extended break policy applies to all Flipkart employees, who have completed a minimum of 2 years with the organization.  

In addition to its leave policy, Flipkart also provides its employees with the option to work from home or avail of flexible work hours. This policy allows employees to balance their work and personal commitments and ensures that they can work in a comfortable and productive work environment. The policy is a testament to the company’s commitment to employee welfare and is one of the reasons why Flipkart is considered one of the best employers in India.

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Flipkart holidays list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
March 8Holi
April 14Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday
April 22Id-ul-Fitr
May 1May Day
May 9Rabindra Jayanti
June 29Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)
July 29Muharram
August 15Independence Day
September 6Janmashtami
September 17Vishwakarma Puja
September 28Foteha Dwaz Dham
October 2Gandhi Jayanti
October 14Mahalaya
October 20-28Durga Puja & Lakshmi Puja
November 12-15Kali Puja & Bhratridwitiya
November 27Guru Nanak’s Birthday
December 25Christmas Day

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