Intel India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Intel is a technology company that deals in microprocessors for leading computer manufacturers like Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The company also makes devices related to computing and communications, such as motherboard chipsets, flash memory, integrated circuits, graphics chips, and more.

The company began its Indian operations in 1998 and is recognized as one of the best companies for leadership development, work-life balance, and corporate social responsibility in the country. Intel has also been recognized for being the best company for women due to its focus on gender diversity and work-life effectiveness. Intel India provides many benefits to its employees, such as health insurance, life insurance, onsite clinics, free dental and vision checkups, mother rooms, blood pressure machines, retirement benefits, and more. Intel celebrates the hard work of its employees by offering generous time off and holidays.

The company has recently expanded its leave benefits program to support employees’ well- being. With a focus on flexibility, inclusivity, and employee-centricity, these enhancements will allow employees to focus on their families and loved ones in times of need. Intel’s leave policy reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing a positive and productive work environment.

Let’s have a detailed look at Intel India Leave Policy 2023.

Intel India Casual and Sick/Medical Leave Policy

Employees working at Intel are eligible for a certain number of paid sick leave days in a year. These days can be utilized when employees are unwell, injured, or require urgent medical attention.

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Intel provides 12 days of paid medical/casual leave to employees to care for themselves or a family member in case of illness or other personal needs. The company also provides 30 days of long-term medical leave in case of a prolonged illness.

Intel India Maternity/Adoption/Commissioning Mother Leave Policy

Intel India’s updated maternity leave policy puts a strong emphasis on supporting employees during significant life events. Female employees at Intel India are provided generous maternity leave.

Intel extends its maternity leave policy to its employees in India up to five months (150 days) of paid leave. Female employees can also avail of one month of flexible work-from- home option. Apart from that, new mothers, while returning from their maternity leave can opt for part-time work (up to four weeks) with full pay benefits.

Commissioning mothers at Intel can also get the benefits of maternity leave by furnishing valid documents. In addition to that, there is also a reserved parking spot for expectant mothers and dedicated nursing rooms at most Intel Indian offices.

Intel India Paternity Leave Policy

Male employees at Intel are entitled to avail of paid paternity leave, enabling them to spend quality time with their newborn child and support their families during these crucial moments. Newly become fathers can get up to 6 weeks of paid paternity leave, provided that the employee has completed the probation period with the company.

Vacation and Holidays at Intel India

Regular employees at Intel India can take vacation time to relax and recharge. Employees are entitled to get up to 20 days of annual leave in a year, provided that they stay with the company for more than two years.

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In addition to that, there are 12 public holidays (including designated national holidays and festivals) allowed to Intel Indian professionals in a calendar year. The public holidays may vary depending on the office location.

Intel India Bereavement Leave Policy

Intel India recognizes the importance of allowing employees to grieve and cope in the event of a loss. Bereavement leave is available to employees in case of a death of an immediate family member, including spouse, parents, kids, siblings, grandparents, and in-laws. Intel India provides employees with paid bereavement leave for up to 5 days.

Additional Leave at Intel India

Intel believes there are certain situations in life when many of us need to step away from work to manage a personal life event. Therefore, the company fully supports multiple leave types.

Under additional leave, employees are eligible to get one special day off (for relocation, adoption, or personal development activities) and paid/unpaid leave of absence (for up to 1 year) to take the time needed to attend to personal matters and then return to work.

Intel Sabbatical Leave Policy

A sabbatical leave is an extended break that an employee takes from work for personal or professional reasons. The leave can be used for a variety of purposes, including traveling, volunteering, pursuing a hobby, higher education, or just taking a break from work.

Eligible employees at Intel are entitled to take eight weeks of paid Sabbatical leave every 7 years or four weeks of sabbatical leave every 4 years. Sabbatical leave is different from the regular vacation leave.

Intel India Holiday List 2024

Holiday Date Day
Republic Day 26 January 2023 Thursday
Mashadi Ugadi 22 March 2023 Wednesday
Mahavir Jayanthi 04 April 2023 Tuesday
Good Friday 07 April 2023 Friday
Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanthi 14 April 2023 Friday
Id-ul-Fitr 22 April 2023 Saturday
Budha Purnima 05 May 2023 Friday
Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) 29 June 2023 Thursday
Muharram 29 July 2023 Saturday
Independence Day 15 August 2023 Tuesday
Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayak Chaturthi 19 September 2023 Tuesday
Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday (Id-E-Milad) 28 September 2023 Thursday
Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanti 02 October 2023 Monday
Dussehra (Mahanavami) 23 October 2023 Monday
Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi) 24 October 2023 Tuesday
Diwali (Deepavali) 12 November 2023 Sunday
Guru Nanak’s Jayanti 27 November 2023 Monday
Christmas Day 25 December 2023 Monday
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