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  • Main Motto
  • Main Motto
  • The scheme basically includes two major components
  • Shaadi Mubarak scheme
  • Registration form for shaadi Mubarak scheme includes
  • Below documents are mandatory to be uploaded
  • Kalyana Laxmi scheme eligibility criteria
  • Kalyana Laxmi for inter caste marriages
  • Impact of education over inter caste marriages
  • Kalyana Laxmi second marriage go pdf
  • Documents required for Kalyana Laxmi scheme:
  • Procedure to apply for Kalyana Laxmi scheme:
  • How to check Kalyana Laxmi scheme status:
  • Kalyana Laxmi verification:
  • Procedure to Edit the Kalyana application form:
  • Motive and the Benefits of this project:
  • Kalyana Laxmi helpline numbers are mentioned below:
  • SchemeKalyana Laxmi Scheme
    AssistanceRs 1,00,116/- on time
    UnderState Government of Telangana
    CategoryMarriage assistance
    StatusKalyana laxmi pathakam status 2022
    Official portaltelanganaepass.cgg.gov.in
    Amount statusTS Kalyana Lakshmi Amount Status 2022
    BeneficiariesEWS families from SC/ST/BC/EBC category

    Kalyana Laxmi scheme is basically a welfare scheme by the Telangana government, mostly for poverty-ridden families and the Economically backward class of the state, who are trapped under the expenses of their daughter’s marriages.

    The Kalyana Lakshmi, the scheme of chief minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao, was made to be get implemented from the Dasara festival onwards. Under this, a wedding gift of Rs.51,000 will be presented by the government to the Tribal and Dalit women getting married. Crores of rupees have been invested by the Telangana government for the benefit of all the eligible poor. Also, 64 Kalyana Lakshmi schemes and 58 Shaadi Mubarak cheques have been handed over to the local Mandal office. One of the officials stated that the government would ensure that these helpful schemes reach the poor in the future as well.

    Added by Mr., Kamalakar in several interviews that around 5,32,451 beneficiaries have benefited through this scheme in the past five years, and have given positive results.

    Main Motto

    The scheme helps in the financial aid for daughter’s marriages of all the eligible poor families including (SC, ST, OBC, and EBC). It is a noble scheme by the Telangana Government for all the financially distressed people in the state.

    The scheme basically includes two major components

    • Shaadi Mubarak scheme, which is for the Muslim minority communities
    • Kalyana Lakshmi scheme which is for the Hindu minority families

    The Kalyana Lakshmi scheme was first launched by kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, on 2nd October 2014. The scheme helps in providing around ₹50,000 to all the families of scheduled casts and tribes of the state. This is a great initiative taken by the government for providing financial aid to the families below the poverty line, who can not afford their respective daughters.

    Shaadi Mubarak scheme

    This scheme is basically a component of the Kalyana Laxmi scheme, this scheme is generally providing aid to all those unmarried Muslim girls belonging to some minority communities, in which an amount of Rs 51,000 is provided at the time of marriage, which is being implemented by tribal welfare department, backward classes welfare department, this project is initiated for the welfare of all ones belonging to the backward classes.

    • Shaadi Mubarak scheme can only be availed once and cannot be mixed with other schemes such as inter-caste marriages.
    • Also, only tahsildars can go through the verification process of the applications received under the Shaadi Mubarak scheme as of now.
    • After the verification process, the cheques get issued to the beneficiary in the name of the bride’s mother.
    • Around Rs 300 crores has been allocated for this scheme, with 14,381 beneficiaries, and the amount spent was pf Rs 142.98 crore.
    • Adequate steps are taken by the Telangana government without any irregularities to implement the scheme in its most effective way.
    • Aadhar cards are scanned and verified to avoid further misuse.

    The registration form for Shaadi Mubarak scheme includes

    The following particulars are required to be filled by the applicants:

    Sr No.Documents Name
    1.Aadhar number
    2.Is the bride an orphan (yes/no)  
    3.Brides’ father’s name
    5.Educational qualifications
    6.Community certificates issued by the MEESEVA center

    Income certificate details

    Sr No.Documents Name
    1.Applicant number
    2.MRO number
    4.MEE SEVA number

    Below documents are mandatory to be uploaded

    Sr No.Documents Name
    1.Fathers and mothers scanned Aadhar copy
    2.Brides’ mothers scanned bank passbook
    3.Age proof certificates.
    4.Registration, print, status, edit, and upload all these application procedures can be done through the given site.
    5.The candidates can apply for this scheme by going through the following site: http://epasswebsite.cgg.gov.in through any MEESEVA Center.


    • The sanctioned amount of the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme was rs.51,000 in the year,2015
    • Whereas the scheme benefit was Rs 75,116 in the year 2017
    • The sanctioned amount for this scheme was Rs.1,001,16 in the year 2019.
    • In this project enhancement of financial assistance has been done from Rs 75,116 to ₹1,00,116 on 19th March 2018 to the bride’s family to meet marriage expenses.
    • It’s a novel cause for a girl’s wedding, the budget of this scheme is around ₹1450 crores per year. The BJP legislator stated that there would be an increase in the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme to about ₹1.16 lakh.

    Kalyana Laxmi scheme eligibility criteria

    1. The girl applicant for this scheme must belong to either of these ( SC,ST, OBC).

    2. Minimum age to apply for this scheme is 18 years.

    3. Candidates must be a resident of Telangana.

    4. The income of the family should not exceed ₹ 2,00,000 per annum.

    Income criteria:

    Category Income criteria
    For scheduled castesFathers and mothers scanned Aadhar copy
    For Scheduled tribesBrides’ mothers scanned bank passbook
    RuralAge proof certificates.
    UrbanRegistration, print, status, edit, and upload all these application procedures can be done through the given site.

    Kalyana Laxmi for inter-caste marriages

    Telangana government has now increased the incentives up to 2.50 lakh.

    BPL applicants can enroll for getting the advantages of this scheme.

    Impact of education on inter-caste marriages

    No doubt, education plays a significant role in making quick decisions without being biased.

    The education level of the groom’s mother plays a leading role of in inter-caste marriages.

    The more educated a person is, the better they are aware of these legal rights without having any second thoughts.

    Examining the impact of education is basically one of India’s most resilient caste-based practices.

    Before Kalyana Laxmi

    • Previously the inter-caste marriages according to the 2011 census were only 5.8%.
    • However, in 2011, the inter-caste marriages were around 54, which then got increased to 87 in 2012.
    • And in 2017 to 2018 there are around 789 couples coming forward as applicants.
    • The amount then gets deposited in the bank with a lock-in period of 3 years.
    • Before the amount was just Rs 10,000 then got up to ₹50,000 and then it increased to the amount of Rs 2.5 lakhs
    • Later, in 2011 the amount got increased to ₹ 50,000.

    Kalyana Laxmi’s second marriage goes pdf

    All the minority category applicants can avail of this scheme only once a lifetime. And are still eligible for Rs 1,00,116 as financial aid from the government.

    since it is a one-time grant scheme

    All the minority class families can avail this scheme irrespective of first or second marriage.

    According to the Telangana government, the scheme is applicable to all minority categorized women Until and unless the applicants have not availed of this scheme’s benefit before.

    Also, as per the criteria, not all second marriage applicants have access to avail this scheme, those whose husbands are no more or are divorced can avail of the benefits.

    Documents required for the Kalyana Laxmi scheme:

    1. Bride’s photographs

    2. Bride’s and bride grooms scanned Aadhar copy

    3. VRO approval certificate

    4. Age certificate

    5. Marriage confirmation certificate is necessary

    6. A scanned passbook of the bride

    7. Scanned bank passbook of bride’s mother.

    8. Caste certificate

    9. Income certificate should not be longer than six months from the date of the marriage.

    10. Domicile certificate required

    Procedure to apply for the Kalyana Laxmi scheme:

    1. the First step is to visit the official website of the Kalyana Laxmi scheme https://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/KalyanaLakshmiLinks.jsp

    2. Then on the homepage, click the Kalyana Laxmi link given there. 3. Then the application form will get visible through that link.

    4. Now fill out the application form by giving the following details.

    • Caste details
    • Income details
    • Address details ( present and permanent)
    • Bank account details
    • Personal information
    • Bride grooms particulars
    • Certain documents have to be uploaded as per the procedure
    • Then Enter the CAPTCHA code
    • Once documentation is done
    • Click on submit option. Note:
    • The documents to be uploaded should only be in the form of JPEG/JPG
    • And the documents should be between 50 KB to 150 KB.
    • The application number and form can be Printed for further reference.

    How to check Kalyana Laxmi scheme status:

    • Go to the official website of this scheme.
    • Then you will see a new page.
    • According to the chosen category, select the print/status option.
    • Then enter the Aadhar number and phone number of the bride.
    • Then click on the status and print option.
    • This way, the status can be checked.

    Kalyana Laxmi verification:

    • The state government has issued some fresh guidelines after finding some lapses in the field of verification.
    • The government stated that only MROs will process and verify the applications received in this scheme
    • The bride’s mother’s bank account details must be updated by all the applicants for the verification as per the new rules.

    Procedure to Edit the Kalyana application form:

    • Firstly visit the official website,
    • Then homepage will appear,
    • A new page will appear after clicking ‘Kalyana Laxmi Shaadi Mubarak’
    • Just click on the Edit option according to your category, and a new page will appear Then enter the phone number of the bride and the marriage ID
    • Then select the Get Details option.
    • There you can easily Edit your details and then click the Submit option.
    • In case of any inquiry, the Email ID is mentioned below:
    • help.telanganaepass@cgg.gov.in

    Motive and the Benefits of this project:

    • There has been a stringent step taken by the Telangana government against the violent act toward such couples.
    • This scheme got implemented to encourage and educate the communities about the legal validation of inter-caste marriages.
    • This enhancement was basically made to encourage inter-cast marriages and to combat the evil system of casteism.

    Kalyana Laxmi’s helpline numbers are mentioned below:


    040-23120311, 23120312(technical errors)




    Overall it can be said that awareness should be created about such schemes amongst the people so that the people can avail such schemes.

    Also, the steps need to be followed accurately in order to avoid any technical error.

    Kalyana Lakshmi FAQs

    How many days after marriage one can apply for the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme?

    To avail of the benefits of the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme, eligible ladies should apply one month before the wedding day. However, in some cases, application eligibility can be available for up to six months after the marriage.

    Can we apply for the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme after one or two years of marriage?

    Yes, eligible candidates can apply for it. However, they will be answerable as to why the application has been delayed as Notary can ask for the reason for the late submission of the Kalyana Lakshmi application form.  

    How many days will it take to get the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme amount after application?

    Financial assistance under the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme will be credited anywhere between 15 days to 3 months after the verification of the application. Sometimes, the duration also depends on the availability of funds.

    Is the Vro approval certificate required for Kalyana Lakshmi?

    Vro/ Panchayath Secretary Approval is mandatory for beneficiaries applying for the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme through an online portal.

    How much money will get issued before marriage under TS Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme?

    The state government of Telangana will issue the amount of ₹ 70,000 before marriage as 1st installment, while the rest of the amount will be given after the girl’s marriage.

    How much time does it take to receive Kalyana Lakshmi Cheque?

    A cheque for Kalyana Lakshmi will be distributed by the MLM of the concerned constituency to the beneficiary once a week at Mandal HQ.

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