List of Companies involved in Corporate Frauds/Chit Fund Scams

Sl.   NO.Name of the CompanyState/ UTSuspected Quantum
1.Basil International Ltd.   Vamshi Chemicals Ltd. Nixil Pharmaceuticals Specialities Ltd. Appeline Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd. Basil Express Ltd.Delhi & UPRs 1721.00 crore
6.Abcindya Networks Pvt. Ltd.DelhiRs 48.00 crore
7.Unigateway 2U Trading Pvt. Ltd.;   Unipay2U Marketing Pvt. Ltd; Unipay Creative Business Pvt. Ltd.; Unipay2U Production Pvt. Ltd.Tamil NaduRs 791.53 crore
11.Life Business Project Pvt. Ltd.DelhiNot available
12.Alchemist Infra Realty Ltd.DelhiNot available
13.Speakasia Online Pte Ltd. (Singapore)    MaharashtraRs 3494.00 crore
14.Tulsiyat Tek Pvt. Ltd.
15.Seamless Outsourcing LLP
79.Mangalam Agro Products Ltd.West BengalNot available
80.Ramel Industries Ltd.   Gan Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Mart Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Real Estate and Infrastructure Ltd. Ramel Sea Food Ltd. Tamanna IT Solutions Ltd. Ramel Pharma Ltd. Ramel Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Agrotech Ltd. Ramel Hotel & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Impex Pvt. Ltd. Ramel Insurance Agency Pvt. Ltd. Cygnus Publishers Ltd. Ramel Bio Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd.West BengalNot available
96.Rahul Hi Rise LtdWest BengalNot available
97.Shrishti Abha Food & Beverage Pvt. Ltd.
98.Rahull Media & Entertainment Ltd.
99.Rahul Wood Works Pvt. Ltd.
100.Veekayen Properties Pvt. Ltd.
101.Hotel Sea-Coast Pvt. Ltd.
102.Rahul Bhumi Vikas Ltd.
103.Rahul Heights Ltd.
104.Rahul Real Estate Projects Ltd.
105.Rahul Inn Hospitality Ltd.
106.Ideas Realcon Ltd.
107.Ideas Real Estate Ltd.
108.Ideas Healthcare Ltd.
109.Ideas Broking Ltd.
110.Zenix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
111.Adventus Creations PVt. Ltd.
112.Seashore Securities Ltd.OdishaNot available
113.Seashore Agriculture Promotion Company Pvt. Ltd.
114.Seashore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
115.Seashore Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
116.Seashore Courier & Cargo Private Ltd.
117.Seashore Diary Products Pvt. Ltd
118.Seashore Portfolio Management Services Ltd.
119.Seashore Consultancy & Construction Private Ltd.
120.Falcon Consultancy Private Limited
121.Royal Purple Hotels Private Limited
122.Sagiarien Systems Private Ltd
123.Florance Biotech Private Limited
124.Saubhagya Drinks Private Limited
125.Sri Krishna Agriculture Pvt. Ltd.
126.Jatish Agro and Oil Products Pvt. Ltd.
127.Sagar Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
128.Seashore Capital Pvt. Ltd.
129.Seashore Shipping Company Pvt. Ltd.
130.Saradha Housing Pvt. Ltd.West BengalNot available
131.Ambujaatripuri Infra (India) Ltd.OdishaNot available
132.Ambujaatripuri Business Private Ltd.
133.Artha Tatwa Consultancy Private Ltd.
134.Artha Tatwa World Ventures Private Ltd.
135.Artha Tatwa Food Mart Private Ltd.
136.Artha Tatwa Capital Limited
137.Ambujaatripuri Engineering Private Limited
138.Orisha Health & Medical Research Institute
139.Helios and Matheson Information Technologies Ltd.Tamil NaduNot available
140.Grand Vyapaar Private Ltd.West BengalNot available
141.Ultra Tie-up Pvt. Ltd.
142.Happy Tie-up Ltd.
143.Saphire Infradeveloper Pvt. Ltd.
144.Best Tie-up Ltd.
145.Sahu Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
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