PwC India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

One of the Big Four accounting firms, PwC (PricewaterCoopers) is the world’s second- largest professional services network. It provides services in various domains like auditing, accounting, advisory, taxation, and human resource consultancy for its clients. PwC clients are spread across various industries such as insurance, banking, hospitality, health care, energy, automotive, aerospace consumer markets, transport, etc. The company aims to significantly contribute to economic growth and provide an unmatched level of service through implementing fair, detailed, and top-grade audits with creative teamwork and transparent leadership.

PwC has around 27 branches spread across various cities in India with over 50,000 employees. The company is dedicated to investing in its people as much as they are clients- focused. PwC believes that the most meaningful workplace experiences are the ones that are created with people’s best interests as the number one priority.

Therefore, the company is focusing more on a new people experience framework that will bring in an increased emphasis on growth and development, benefits, and well-being of employees. Apart from a flexible working environment, PwC provides financial help for further education, Medical coverage up to Rs 20 lakh, and a people-friendly leave policy. PwC has recently introduced a Recharge and Rejuvenate’ policy, in which all employees are allowed to avail of 10 days of downtime in a fiscal year to maintain work-life balance. In this article, we’ll discuss PwC India’s leave policy in detail.

PwC India Casual Leave policy

An employee at PwC gets around 7–8 casual leaves in a calendar year. Professionals can avail of casual leave for personal reasons or for emergency cases that require their absence from work. Casual leaves have to be used within the fiscal year as one cannot carry forward to the following year or encash them.

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PwC India Earned Leave Policy

Employees get an earned leave of 1.25 days every month (15 in a year) which can be used till the employee exit the company or waives off their notice period by that many numbers of days.

Taking or applying for leave is a simple process as they are auto-approved in the system. Usually, verbal permission from the line manager is required, and if one is planning to take leaves for more than 2 consecutive days, a 1-month prior approval is required.

PwC India Maternity and Parental Leave policy

PwC provides maternity and paternity leave to employees who are expecting a child or have recently had a child. Female employees are eligible for up to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Whereas the paternity leaves for male employees are revised to a month i.e. 30 days, earlier it was up to 15 days.

Employees are eligible to request for maternity and parental leave only after completing the probation period (ranging from 90 days to 180 days) with the company.

PwC India Vacation Policy

Employees accumulate vacation time or paid time off PTO of between three weeks (15 working days) and one month (22 working days) in a year. The vacation days are based on employee position and length of service with PwC.

However, all employees at PwC are entitled to eight vacation days starting from Christmas and leading up to the New Year. With December 25 and January 1 being designated public holidays, the policy provides two leaves (i.e. December 26 and 27) from the company end, while employees are expected to take two days off (i.e. December 30 and 31) from their leave balance.

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PwC is not making any exceptions for employees who do not have any leave balance left. In such circumstances, off days, will be deducted from the employee’s next year’s leave balance.

PwC India Family & Personal Sick Time Policy

To help employees in maintaining work-life quality, PwC provides 12 paid sick days per year in case of illness or injury. Employees normally will be paid full salary when absent for five or fewer consecutive days due to an illness, injury, or a family member’s illness, injury, medical treatment, or need for preventive care. PwC’s sick leave policy allows employees to take paid time off to care for a sick child, parent, spouse, or domestic partner.

Employees are also allowed to take more unpaid leave to give special attention and care to what’s important in their life.

Public Holidays in PwC

PwC India offers 15 leave for celebrating many holidays and festivals in a year. It includes national holidays (such as republic day, independence day, etc.), floating/optional holidays, and extended company holidays. The number of floating holidays permissible for new joiners depends on their date of joining.

PwC India Firm-wide extended holidays

In addition to public and floating holidays, PwC provides more time off to rest and relax. These leave allow professionals to enjoy paid time off without the worry of checking email or meeting client demands, other than in exceptional circumstances. In FY23, the company will provide four extended firm holidays this year around the July 4 holiday and Christmas and New Year holidays.

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PwC India Compassionate Leave Policy

Compassionate Leave also known as bereavement leave is provided to employees who have a death in the family. PwC India employees are eligible for a maximum of 5 days of paid compassionate leave per year.

PwC Paid Study (and Leave) Policy

Employees at PwC can pursue their higher studies along with their careers. Earlier this year, PwC introduced a non-residential executive MBA program for employees up to the level of directors, wherein the company will back 75 percent of the course fee up to Rs 10 lakhs. The sponsorship from self-initiated learning has also been enhanced.

PwC India Holiday List 2024

Date Holiday
2 January New Year’s Day Holiday
23 January National Heroes Day
22 February Ash Wednesday
7 April Good Friday
10 April Easter Monday
8 May HRM King Charles III Coronation
15 May Discovery Day
3 July Constitution Day
13 November Remembrance Day
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day

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