SAP Labs Leave Policy – Holiday list 2024

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP Labs is the world’s largest business software
company. With an outstanding client portfolio, SAP Labs India began its operations in 1996,
with its main office stationed in Bangalore, India. The company has a total of nine offices
across India with an employee strength of more than 5000 professionals.

Due to its amazing work culture and numerous perks and benefits to employees, SAP is
ranked among the Top 10 places to work in India. SAP Labs has launched plenty of
initiatives that help them ensure their employee’s satisfaction and happiness at work. 
From flexible work hours to great healthcare policies, SAP continuously works on updating
and improving its policies. SAP India has formed more than 30 interest groups that cater to
the diverse interests of its employees. Professionals at SAP can follow their passion in the
fields of art, drama, and music among many others.

SAP Labs also have an amazing leave policy in the best interest of their employees.
Continue reading to have a closer look at the SAP Labs India 2023 leave policy.

SAP Labs India Annual Leave Policy

Every year SAP employees are eligible for 30 days of annual leave. However, the employee
can avail of this leave only after completing one year of service in the organization.

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In addition to annual leave, SAP Labs also provides:

  • Family care leaves for 5 days per employee, along with 21 days of Privilege leave
  • and 12 days of paid Sick leave.
  • SAP professionals can also have the option of 2 Floating leave that they can take in a
  • year at their convenience. 
  • Employees are entitled to 10 Public holidays and 5 Compassionate leave.
  • SAP employees can also avail of paid hospitalization leave for up to 60 days.
  • Professionals at SAP can take marriage leaves for 3 days.

SAP Labs Maternity Leave Policy

Female employees at SAP Labs are entitled to 20 weeks of paid maternity leaves. They are
also offered cab facilities for two months that they can avail of anytime, either during
pregnancy or post-pregnancy period.

The company also runs an in-house crèche facility, which caters to about 250 children of
SAP employees in the age groups of 9 months to six years. And under this facility, the
children of the employees are provided with daycare, Montessori education, summer
camps, along with many other fun activities.

In addition to 20 weeks of paid maternity leaves, female professionals can even extend
their leaves to an extra period of 16 weeks, along with an option of loss of pay or part-time
work option. This is a maternity program that helps women employees return to work in a
smooth process after their maternity leaves.

SAP Labs Paternity Leave Policy

SAP has also launched an initiative called, ‘Part Work from Home’, which allows male
employees the flexibility to work four hours at the office and rest at home after the birth of
the child. They can even apply for paid paternity leaves.

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New fathers at SAP Labs India can take up to 20 days of paid paternity leave. Newly become
fathers can use their leave days all at once, or they can split them up into blocks of five days
as per their convenience. They can also use their leave quota at any point during their
child’s first year.

SAP Labs PTO and Vacation Policy

SAP’s PTO (Paid Time Off) and Vacation policy usually give employees 20 to 30 days off a
year with a condition that 75% of employees are expected to be work free while out of the
office premises. Paid Time Off is SAP Labs’ 3rd most important benefit provided to

SAP Labs Sabbatical Leave/ Entrepreneurship Leave Policy

SAP Labs strives to foster an entrepreneurial environment promoting their workforce to
explore their business ideas. Employees at SAP Labs are eligible for sabbatical leave if they
have been continuously employed at the organization for 5 years. Professionals employed
at SAP for more than 2 years, can take a 2-years of unpaid sabbatical leave for their
entrepreneurship/start-up venture, higher education, or personal reasons.

SAP also assures their employees to return to the company if their startup fails.

Long service leave / Seniority leave at SAP Labs

Seniority leaves or long service leave are the type of leaves that an employee is entitled to
depend on their relationship with the company. For good cause and rewarding loyal
employees, many companies allow their employees, who have associated with the company
for more than 10 years to request a leave of absence. However, allowing or denying these
leaves is up to the sole discretion of the Board.

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Employees at SAP Labs, who have completed 10/15/20 years in the organization, are also
eligible for a long service leave of 10 days.

SAP Labs Leave Policy during Notice Period

Usually, employees are not entitled to take leaves during the notice period as it may lead to
the extension of the last working day. However, it depends on the employee’s immediate
manager or the demand of the project an employee is working on.

SAP India has 3 months or 90-day notice period. Employees at SAP Labs India are not
entitled to take leaves during the notice period. But, in case of a medical emergency, an
employee can apply for a leave. However, to approve these leaves, they would have to ask
their immediate/project manager and have to furnish the necessary documents.

SAP Labs India holidays list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
March 8Holi
April 14Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday
April 22Id-ul-Fitr
May 1May Day
May 9Rabindra Jayanti
June 29Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)
July 29Muharram
August 15Independence Day
September 6Janmashtami
September 17Vishwakarma Puja
September 28Foteha Dwaz Dham
October 2Gandhi Jayanti
October 14Mahalaya
October 20-28Durga Puja & Lakshmi Puja
November 12-15Kali Puja & Bhratridwitiya
November 27Guru Nanak’s Birthday
December 25Christmas Day

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