SEBI Ordered Investor to Submit Original Documents for Refund

SEBI has ordered to all the investors to submit their original documents. Following pint must be remember while applying for refund.

  1. Only those investors have to submit their original documents who has received a SMS from SEBI.
  2. Only those investors can apply for refund whose total is below 2500 INR.
  3. Refund will be credited to their respective account so confirm you bank account number,  that you have given to SEBI.
  4. Also keep photo copies of your original documents for future perspective.
  5. Your all documents must be sent on time.
  6.  Send your documents by speed post or courier service.

Address to Send your documents:

SEBI Committee in the matter of PACL, Regus Grandeur Offices Pvt. Ltd., 8th Floor Samson Towers, Pantheon Road, Block No.31, Egmore, Chennai-600008.


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39 thoughts on “SEBI Ordered Investor to Submit Original Documents for Refund

    1. Sir,
      I have invested Rs. 32,000/- in PACL Ltd. from 20-9-2010 to 20-6-2014. Please inform me whether I will be refunded or not . I am a very poor investor. Kindly let me know. My registration No. U145634455/ 20/08/2010.

      Edakkalathur House,
      Thrissur, Kerala.

  1. क्या लोढा कमेटी वाकई कस्टमर को उनके पैसा देने के लिए तैयार है तो आज तक किसी एक भी कस्टमर को दिया हो तो बताओ

    1. When I fill the refund applications in February2018 that time 1sms was send to me but original document sending before not get any SMS in August 2018 so what can I send our original document to sebi in the Chennai branch my amount was 2400/ rupees only. My customer name is Lalji

  2. If the inverster is died during this period what will be the procedure must be follow from relatives?

  3. How sir kB to paisa lautabyaga plzzz Mera paisa return kr dejye sir kyo help no hi to dejye sir i.requet him

  4. Can I send our original document to send sebi branch chennie when I have not get any message in August massage was get in February 2018 when I was fill refund application.

  5. I discontinuedy policy and my bonds are missed, hence I have verified confirmed my deposited amount as 18,000 with PACL office few years back and got a receipt for that too . please help

  6. 🙏 please do something quick process because low of people feel so guilty and ending their survival spirits.

  7. मेरा 30000 का तीन बांड है कब तक मिलेगा दस्तवेज छतीसगढ रायगढ जिले के कायालय में जमा है सना 2015मे

  8. Please tell us more about When we will get our refund.
    We are invested more than 2500/- we have taken two policies.
    Please advice us.

  9. We were alrady given bond to local pacl office and got what will we do to get money from sebi .claricy

  10. Sir, I am Gretta, still I did not received SMS. What can I do Sir? I have also PACL Bond. And your site always not available. 9945914088

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