TCS Leave Policy – Holiday list 2024

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an international IT service and consulting company focusing on cloud computing, cybersecurity, data and analytics, sustainability services, etc. It is a part of the Tata group, and its headquarters are in Mumbai. TCS operates in more than 150 locations across 46 countries.

TCS has more than 600k employees, and its motto is to use collective knowledge and innovation to build greater futures. It started a Paid Family and Medical Leave Program after the pandemic to provide paid benefits to employees in case of critical life events. These events include bonding with a new child or caring for a family member with medical issues. However, as of now, it is only required in 10-15 states in the US. Soon, we will see it in India, too. The leave policy in TCS India is different than in the US. TCS India provides maternity, paternity, and adoption leaves, too. Let’s have a detailed look at all the leaves TCS provides.

TCS Earned Leave Policy India 2024

TCS India provides standard 16 earned leaves with an accumulation limit of 48. Employees can carry forward these leaves and encash them if they want at the end of the financial year. These leaves apply to all employees (new joiners as well as experienced) and are credited quarterly. 

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Employees also get up to 10 sick leaves in a year. The accumulation limit for these leaves is 44, and you can carry them up to this limit. After that, they will lapse. Employees can only utilize these leaves for medical reasons for themselves.

TCS Leave Policy Carry Forward

Employees can carry forward earned or sick leaves in TCS. They can carry these leaves into the upcoming years but only up to their respective accumulation limits.

TCS Leave Policy during the Notice Period

According to the TCS leave policy, an employee has to serve a 3-month notice period. An employee can only use sick leaves and flexi holidays during their notice period. In some rare cases, taking casual leave during the notice period can increase an employee’s working days.

TCS Leave Policy for Marriage

TCS does not have a particular marriage leave policy. One has to avail of vacation, sick, or casual leave. It also depends on your project, manager, and performance. However, an employee gets maternity, special maternity, and paternity leave in TCS.

TCS Maternity Leave Policy

TCS has a people-friendly policy and supports employees by giving them maternity leave. An employee can also take adoption leaves in case of legal adoption.

The maternity leave limit for a TCS employee is up to 26 weeks. It applies to all full-time women employees with a minimum of 80 days of working experience in TCS.

An employee can also get 30 additional days of maternity leave in case illness or complications arise due to the delivery of a child. Accumulation limit and carry forward policies do not apply to these types of leaves.

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TCS Paternity Leave Policy

Many people are unaware of this, but TCS allows paternity leave to parents. It can be between one or two weeks of paid leave and up to four weeks of unpaid leave. Just like maternity and Special maternity leaves, carry forward and accumulation limit policies do not apply here.

Almost all Indian companies give more benefits and leave to women employees, which is not wrong. But paternity leave should also be mandatory because a father should have the right to spend the early days with a new baby to develop a bond. 

TCS Vacation Policy

TCS does not offer vacation leaves separately. Mostly earned leaves can count as vacation leaves in TCS. So, an employee gets up to 16 leaves a year with an option to carry forward and encash them. These leaves get credited quarterly into the employee’s leave balance.

TCS Unpaid Leave Policy

If an employee has already used all types of leaves, TCS allows leaves without pay for up to two years. There are five to six categories for these types of leaves, like Child’s board exams, medical, educational, accompanying TCS spouse onsite, parents’ health, etc. 

TCS Exit Policy

TCS has a simple resignation policy. After discussing resignation from your manager over a team call, an employee has to drop a resignation mail to HR and keep the manager in CC. An employee’s notice period starts from that date. Then, there will be calls and emails from HR regarding the hike, onsite work, etc., to retain you. After that, an employee has to return the assets, which is a simple process as TCS has partnered with a courier service.    

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These assets can be ID, laptop, mouse, etc. One will also get emails to fill out the PF withdrawal forms. After verifying assets and dues, TCS starts processing the final settlement.

TCS India holidays list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
March 8Holi
April 14Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday
April 22Id-ul-Fitr
May 1May Day
May 9Rabindra Jayanti
June 29Id-ul-Zuha
July 29Muharram
August 15Independence Day
September 6Janmashtami
September 17Vishwakarma Puja
September 28Foteha Dwaz Dham
October 2Gandhi Jayanti
October 14Mahalaya
October 20-28Durga Puja & Lakshmi Puja
November 12-15Kali Puja & Bhratridwitiya
November 27Guru Nanak’s Birthday
December 25Christmas Day

TCS Employee Count

Latest Reported FigureThe TCS employee count’s most current and accurate figure is likely closer to 603,305.
Recent TrendsReports indicate a decline of over 11,000 employees in the latest quarter ending December 2023.
Employee headcount brought down to approximately 603,305 as of December 31, 2023.
Finding the Most Current FigureThe most current and accurate figure for the TCS employee count is likely closer to 603,305.

TCS Ninja Interview Questions

Interview RoundTopicsExample Questions
Technical Interview– Basic Programming Concepts (Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues)– How would you implement a stack using an array?
– Algorithms (Searching, Sorting)– Explain the difference between bubble sort and quick sort.
– Object-Oriented Programming (inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation)– What is an operating system scheduler, and how does it work?
– Computer Science Fundamentals (Operating systems, Networks, Databases, SDLC)– Why are you interested in the TCS Ninja program, and what are your career aspirations?
– Programming Languages (Java, Python, C++)– What are the differences between Python 2 and Python 3?
– Problem-solving (logic-based problems, coding challenges)– Solve this algorithmic problem: find the longest common subsequence in two strings.
HR Interview– Self-introduction– Tell us about yourself and your academic background.
– Motivation and goals– Why are you interested in the TCS Ninja program and what are your career aspirations?
– Strengths and weaknesses– What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses, and how are you working to improve your weaknesses?
– Teamwork and communication– Can you share an experience where you had to work effectively in a team?
– Salary expectations– What are your salary expectations for this role?
– Questions for the interviewer– Do you have any questions for us about the company or the role?

Resources for Preparation:

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