The money was for the marriage by cutting her abdomen, even after 5 years did not return

82-year-old Ahmadullah accumulated his stomach in the account of chitfund company PACL Ltd for the daughter’s marriage and paid 50-50 rupees per day per day. Three years ago the amount of money deposited was over. Even after that, they did not get their own deposited amount.

On Saturday, reached the CM Camp Office located at Gorakhnath Temple, Ahmadullah handed over the prayer address to the Chief Minister, Dwarka Prasad Tiwari, who was looking at the management of the camp office. They told that the money was deposited for the daughter’s marriage.

The amount of money deposited three years ago was also completed but the company did not return the amount of one lakh 80 thousand rupees. The office of PACL Ltd, located in Mangalam Tower, was also closed. In July, his daughter’s marriage was decided. There is also a waiting period for the depositor. His boy came to Mahfouz’s daily collection of money. Dwarka Tiwari summoned Mahfouz to Gorakhnath temple taking immediate note of Ahmadullah’s complaint. After coming to the temple after coming to Kana, Mahfouz said that his father deposited the amount. He admitted that he collected the amount and deposited it in the company, but now that the company is not aware of it.

He is not able to return the money himself. Mahfouz said that the company had shut down in 2015. Then the owners assured that they would return the money. Mahfouz said that he had at least 150 people whose money was sinking. The temple management assured that some financial help would be provided soon after addressing their problem.

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Mr. Ahmadullah, a resident of Gorakhnath Ajayanagar Rasulpur, is not the only victim of PACL Ltd. But half a dozen people, including Mohammed Israel, Wahid Ujjama, Shahana, Shah Mohammed of their neighborhood, have been victims of this thug. Ahmadullah does not get too late, but he is upset while demanding money for the daughter’s marriage.

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