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A period of wilful absence from work is considered as Extraordinary Leave or without pay leave under Rule 40 of leave rules, and it shall not be converted into another kind of leave. Without pay leave can be defined as leave during which no leave salary is allowed to employees, except house rent allowance up to the first 180 days.

Without pay leave rules in Haryana Government includes-

  1. Without pay leave may be granted to a Government employee in Haryana under specific circumstances:- (i) when neither earned nor half pay leave is at the employee’s credit; or (ii) when either of such leave is at his credit, but the Government employee requests in writing for the grant of without pay leave.
  2. (2) The authority competent to grant leave shall also be competent to convert the period of-

(a) Wilful absence into extraordinary leave only and not into the due leave of any other type, and

(b) Extraordinary leave already permitted into earned leave and/or half pay leave were allowed at the time of availing without pay leave.

Without pay leave may be permissible on any one occasion:-

(i) 180 days or six months;

(ii) 24 months on a medical certificate signed by the qualified medical authority subject to acceptance by the leave sanctioning administration/authority; and

(iii) 24 months for training/higher studies to be certified by the Haryana government to the employee concerned who has completed three years of continuous service on the date of expiry of leave of the kind due and admissible under the rules before the commencement of such leaves.

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Without pay Leave Rules in Punjab Government

Leave without pay, also known as ‘Extraordinary leaves’ in Punjab may be permissible up to a maximum period of five years at a time, assuming that the employee of the Punjab government to whom such leave is granted, has been in continuous service for at least ten years. 

In case an employee working in Punjab Government has not completed ten years of ceaseless service, extraordinary leave (Without pay leave) for a maximum period of two years may be allowed on the account of the head of his/her office. 

Extraordinary leave up to a maximum period prescribed under sub-rule (1) of leave rules may be granted, subject to the conditions stated therein, irrespective of the fact, whether an employee is a permanent or a temporary Punjab government employee.

Note: Only competent authority or concerned administration department can sanction extraordinary leave of government employees.

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