Amazon India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Amazon India Leave Policy

An American multinational technology company, Amazon focuses on e-commerce, AI, cloud computing, and digital streaming. Referred to as one of the world’s most valuable brands, Amazon offers a range of benefits to support its employees as well as eligible family members. From overtime/night shift allowance, work from home option, to weekends off, there are many perks of working with Amazon.
The comprehensive benefits that the company provides includes financials aids, health care coverage, people-friendly leaves, and other resources to secure health and well-being. Regular full-time amazon employees can avail of these benefits from day one of joining the company.
Let’s have a detailed look at Amazon India leave policy.

Amazon Annual Leave Policy

Amazon offer 15 days of annual leave to its employees for vacations or other personal reasons. All regular employees are entitled to avail of accrued annual leave. However, the annual leave days are not fixed, the longer you work with the company, the more vacation days you can accrue.
Employees can carried forward their annual leave to the following year and even encash them upon leaving the company.

Amazon Sick Leave (SL) Policy

Employees working at Amazon India can get 12 sick days in a year. To avail more than two consecutive sick leave, employees are required to take approval from their reporting manager and furnish medical documents, if asked.
If not used in a year, the sick days will be lapsed.

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Amazon Casual Leave (CL) Policy

Amazon offers its employees with 12 casual leave days in a year for taking care of unexpected situations or an unforeseen event without worrying about work.
Employees cannot carried forward their casual days to the next year and if not used in a year it will be lapsed.

Amazon Maternity Leave Policy

Amazon offers up to 26 weeks of paid maternity leaves to birth mothers. Whereas, 12 weeks of paid maternity leave are allowed for legal adoption.
Amazon’s Ramp Back program offers birth parents eight consecutive weeks of flexible working hours as they readjust and get back to work as new parents.
Company’s Leave Share program allows its employees to share six weeks of paid parental leave with a spouse/partner who isn’t eligible for parental leave from their employer.

Amazon Paternity Leave Policy

Amazon’s enhanced parental leave policy enables newly fathers to spend some time with their newborn baby. The company offers up to six weeks of paid paternity leave. Eligible employees can take this leave at one stretch from the birth of the child up to the one year.

Bereavement Leave Policy at Amazon

Bereavement days are allowed to an employee following the unfortunate death of an immediate family member or friend. Amazon supports its employees in the time of need, while they cope with the loss of their loved ones. The company offers up to three days of paid bereavement leave to regular employees.

Mandatory and Optional Holidays

Amazon offers its Indian employees with around 5 public holidays. Also, five extra days of optional leave is available to employees to choose their preferred festival holidays.

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Unpaid Leave at Amazon India

Employees at Amazon can also take unpaid leave to attend to personal exigencies, though it’s subject to approval by their reporting manager. Most unpaid leave involves medical emergencies or related to family’s well-being. An employee should speak with their manager or HR to learn if their matter qualifies for unpaid leave.

Amazon Sabbatical Leave Policy

Sabbatical leaves are a perfect way to give employees a much needed break from work and learn new skills, work on passion projects, or achieve other personal goals, after having spent two consecutive years with the company. Amazon has developed a sabbatical leave policy for Amazonians to take up to three months sabbatical leave. However, the approval of sabbatical leave is at the discretion of company’s management and business requirement.

Amazon India Holiday List 2024

Date Holiday Type
2023-01-01 New Year’s Day National Holiday
2023-01-14 Makar Sankranti Festival
2023-02-21 Basant Panchami Festival
2023-03-04 Holi – Holika Dahan Festival
2023-03-08 Holi – Rangwali Holi Festival
2023-03-13 Good Friday Religious
2023-04-14 Baisakhi Festival
2023-05-01 Maharashtra Day State Holiday
2023-05-10 Paryushan Parva Festival
2023-06-14 Ram Navami Festival
2023-06-25 Id-Ul-Fitr Religious
2023-08-15 Eid-Ul-Adha Religious
2023-09-02 Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
2023-09-22 Durga Puja – Mahalaya Festival
2023-09-27 Durga Puja – Ashtami Festival
2023-09-29 Durga Puja – Navami Festival
2023-10-20 Diwali – Dhanteras Festival
2023-10-22 Diwali – Diwali Festival
2023-11-19 Bhai Dooj Festival
2023-12-25 Christmas Day Religious

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