Oracle India Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

Founded in 1977, Oracle is one of the world’s largest software companies in terms of profits and market value. The company sells its database software, cloud-engineered systems, and business management software products like enterprise resource planning ERP, supply chain management SCM, customer relationship management CRM and more.

To keep its workforce healthy and stress-free, Oracle provides many employees benefits, including dental and vision plans, life insurance, disability protection, and more.  Oracle believes that employees need time off from work to recharge their batteries. Therefore, the company also provides competitive time away from work plans for vacation, holiday, and leave.

Read more to have a comprehensive look at Oracle India’s leave policy.

Oracle India Sick Leave Policy

Paid Sick Leave is permissible when an employee or their qualified family member is unable to work due to illness, physical injury, need to get urgent medical care, or other personal health issues or medical emergencies. Sick leave is also available for all other reasons as required by country or state law.

Every employee who has worked in Oracle India for at least 6 months is entitled to avail of sick leave. The eligibility of sick leave policy is a maximum of 14 working days in a calendar year for non-hospitalization cases and up to 60 days of sick/medical leave where hospitalization is required. 

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An employee cannot claim paid sick leave while being on annual leave, rest day, public holiday, or any non-working day. However, if employees’ sick leave exceeds the permissible duration, the extra leave taken will be deducted from the annual leave balance. The leave duration that cannot be reduced from annual leave is treated as unpaid leave for which the deduction will be generated from payroll. 

In Oracle, there is no accrual policy for sick leave. Also, if not availed, one cannot carry forward their sick leave days to the following year.

Oracle India Annual Leave Policy

Every employee who has worked for at least 3 months in Oracle is eligible to avail of paid annual leave. The entitlement to annual leave is based on the number of working days (and not calendar days) and years of service with the company.

Usually, employees who have completed one year of service in Oracle is eligible for 7 days of paid annual leave. The entitled leave days keep increasing with the employee’s tenure and years of service with the company. For example: Employees with two years of service get 8 days of paid annual leave, with three years of service employees can avail of 9 days of annual leave, and so on.

There are no fixed rules or policies regarding the carry-over of annual leave entitlements. Generally, a leave balance from one year cannot be carried over for more than two years.

Oracle India Maternity Leave Policy

The rights of all working female employees are covered by Maternity Protection and Benefits of the Employment Act. Keeping the laws in mind and extending its support to female employees, Oracle offers a generous maternity leave policy.

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A woman working in Oracle is entitled to take paid leave from work for 4 weeks before and 12 weeks immediately after delivering a child, adding up to 16 weeks in total. The 16 weeks of paid maternity leave are to be granted by the employer provided that female employees have completed 180 days of service within the company.

Oracle India Paternity Leave Policy

Male employees at Oracle are eligible to take a paid paternity leave of a maximum of 7 days. In case the employee leave extends more than the days specified in the policy, the additional days are deducted from their annual leave balance before considering unpaid leave. Employees are allowed to avail of paternity leave provided they have completed their probation period (minimum of 90 days) in the company.

Oracle India Newly Wed (Married) Leave Policy

The newlywed couples/employees working at Oracle are entitled to take up to a maximum of 5 days leave. If the employee is on leave past the 5th day will be treated as unpaid leave. Generally, in most companies, newlywed (married) leave would be granted only once in an employee’s lifetime. However, the leave policy for marriage varies from company to company.

Oracle Bereavement Leave Policy

Oracle provides five paid bereavement leaves in a calendar year. Bereavement days are allowed in case of the loss of an immediate family member, including spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings, kids, and in-laws.

Oracle Year-End Break Policy

Oracle provides winter break to its employees starting from Christmas to New Year’s Day. However, only employees (of Oracle India) working on Oracle U.S projects are entitled to winter break as the company shuts its operations in the United States between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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Oracle vacation policy

Employees working at Oracle are given two types of vacation benefits.

  • One is flexible vacation, which is offered to salaried (non-overtime eligible) employees.
  • The second type is accrued vacation, which is offered to employees who are not eligible for the Flexible Vacation policy. In this, the employees get 13 days of vacation per year for the first three years of employment with the company and 18 vacation days thereafter.

In addition to vacation days, the company also provides around 8 to 10 holidays (public and festivals) which may vary depending on the location an employee is working in.

Oracle holiday list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
April 7Good Friday
April 10Easter Monday
October 2Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
August 15Independence Day
August 29Muharram
May 2Id-ul-Fitr
July 9Id-ul-Zuha
November 4Diwali
December 25Christmas Day

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