KPMG Leave Policy- Holiday list 2024

KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting companies provides financial audit, tax, advisory and legal services. The company values its human resource and recognizes the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to promote comprehensive growth. To ensure that its workforce remains motivated, focused, and efficient, KPMG India offers a well-structured and employee-friendly leave policy.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the KPMG India leave policy offered to employees.

KPMG Sick Leave Policy

Sick leave entitlements vary from company to company, and the days of leave allocation may depend on the employee’s tenure with the company. In every calendar year, the employee is allowed sick leave of at least the equivalent in hours of two working weeks of sick leave on full pay.

On average, the number of sick leave days employees can avail of at KPMG India is about 10 to 15 days in a year. However, if anyone wishes to sick leaves for longer than three consecutive days are required to furnish medical documents.

KPMG Annual Leave Policy

KPMG India provides its employees with generous paid annual leaves. These leaves are meant to enable employees to take time off for vacation, rest, or any personal reasons. The exact number of annual leave days may vary based on factors such as an employee’s hierarchy level, years of service, and position within the organization. However, on average, KPMG India offers between 20 to 25 days of paid annual leave to its employees. Employees are only eligible to avail of annual leave after successfully completing their probation period with the company.

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KPMG Maternity Leave Policy

Recognizing the significance of parenthood, KPMG India has introduced flexible maternity and parental leave to support employees during these important life events. Both parents may apply for paid parental leave in sharing for a period of 26 weeks with full wages.

Earlier, the maternity leave in KPMG India was for 14 weeks. However, the employee is required to inform the employer beforehand of the date when she intends for her maternity leave to begin. Both regular and trainee employees at KPMG are entitled to maternity leave, provided that she has worked for more than 90 days in the organization.

KPMG Parental Leave Policy

Employees (both male and female) at KPMG India are eligible to request for an unpaid parental leave of up to 90 days for the delivery, legal adoption, or custody of the child. The parental leave enables employees to take care of their child for a period of 3 months until the child reached the age of 8 years.

Urgent Family Leave Policy at KPMG

Employees working at KPMG are allowed to take time off from work to take care of urgent family matters, such as in cases of sickness or accident making the availability of the employee indispensable. In such situations, the employer is bound to grant every employee a minimum of two days’ leave with full pay per year to deal with emergencies. The total days availed of by the employee for taking care of urgent family matters must be deducted from their annual leave entitlement quota.

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Public and National Holidays at KPMG

KPMG India offers 14 national and public holidays (including New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, etc.) with full pay in a calendar year. These statutory holidays at KPMG are only offered to whole-time employees.

Other Leave Policy at KPMG

Employees at KPMG are also entitled to the following leaves:

  • Employees can avail of one day of bereavement leave in case of the death of an immediate family member.
  • An employee is eligible to take a day off on the occasion of his or her birthday.
  • Employees are also entitled to take a one-day leave on the occasion of the birth of any child to the wife of the employee.
  • Employees at KPMG are eligible to take two days of marriage leave.
  • In case of an injury, an employee can avail of up to one year of injury leave by furnishing relevant medical documents.
  • In case an employee is selected for jury service, they can take time off from work for as long as required.
  • Employees are also allowed to take study leave of up to 156 days. An employee may take up to 150 days of leaves for preparing for their finals.

KPMG holiday list 2024

January 1New Year’s Day
January 26Republic Day
February 1Maha Shivratri
April 7Good Friday
April 10Easter Monday
October 2Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
August 15Independence Day
August 29Muharram
May 2Id-ul-Fitr
July 9Id-ul-Zuha
November 4Diwali
December 25Christmas Day

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