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A real estate company, Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL), ditched the investors and collected more than Rs. 50,000 crores from them. The investors were duped, and they never got the land they were promised. When this scam came to light, SEBI and the Indian Government looked into the matter, and the proceeds of the case were handed over to the Justice R. M. Lodha Committee. The Committee had invited claims from the PACL investors and also planned to recover the entire amount by selling off various scattered properties of PACL.

PACL Refund Status Latest News 2024:

  • Good news! People who applied for PACL refunds up to ₹19,000 got their money, but some applications had errors.
  • Fix your application! If your application had errors (up to ₹19,000), you could fix them online from March 14, 2024, to June 13, 2024, at

Sources of Funds Recovery

  • 1121 PACL FDRs with 23 Banks
  • Rs. 16 86, 98,766 recovered from Systematic Venture Capital Trust (until 06.01.2017)
  • Rs. 72, 37,393 collected from PACL hotels
  • 100 million collected from other PACL properties in Australia + Sheraton Mirage Hotel worth 170 million
  • 100 million Australian Dollars, which equals Rs. 5,23,14,20,000, generated from various scattered properties of PACL in Australia
  • Sheraton Mirage Hotel, situated at Gold Coast, Australia, worth Rs. 8,89,34,14,000. The Australian property/assets of Pearls come out to be more than Rs. 1 400 crores in total.
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SEBI Refunds more than 19 Lakh Investors

RoundNumber of InvestorsAmount Refunded
1st1,13,353Rs. 2500 per claim
2nd2,77,544Rs. 5000 per claim
3rd8,31,018Up to Rs. 7000 per claim (Rs. 204.85 crore total)
4th12,00,000Up to Rs. 10,000 per claim (more than Rs. 429 crore total)
5th1,00,000Up to Rs. 15,000 per claim
6th1,14,933Between Rs. 15,001/- and Rs. 17,000/- per claim
7thNo ConfirmedUp to Rs. 19,000 per claim

As of date, the Committee has successfully effected refunds in respect of a total number of
19,61,690 eligible applications with outstanding (principal) amount up to Rs. 17,000/- aggregating to
Rs. 919.91 crore.

SEBI likely to get Rs. 1400 Crores in January 2019 from PACL’s Australian Property

Now that the Australian Federal Government has accepted the petition filed by SEBI (dated July 20, 2018) seeking the sale of the property/assets of PACL in Australia, the investors can now get a sigh of relief. All the property/assets of Pearls raised in Australia have been sold by the Federal Government, and money has been acquired.

According to a few reports, SEBI is likely to receive 270 million or 14, 12, 48, 34, 000 INR next year in January from the Australian Government. After receiving this amount, SEBI may start the second round of refunds. Therefore, the investors whose claim amount was more than Rs. 2500 might get their refunds back soon.

To initiate the next round of the refund process, SEBI might ask the remaining 5 crore investors for all the details, just like they released the claim application forms for refunding the claimants Rs 2500. The refund application form might be available on SEBI’s official website, where claimants can file their refund claims. The wait will finally get over as and when SEBI releases something officially.

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Other Investors are still waiting for Refunds.

Though the refund process has started and some investors have been refunded, there is still a long way to go if we look at the number of investors who are still waiting for their money. It is very clear from the number of properties PACL had acquired that there is an ample amount of money (Rs. 8500 crores) that can be used to refund all the PACL investors.

Now, it is up to the Lodha Committee and SEBI to refund the investors. It has already taken 7 – 8 months to refund the claimants with the principal amount of up to Rs. 2500. The investors with this amount were very few. Even then it took so long, so the rest of the investors (more than 4 crores) can calculate the time period in which they will get their refunds.


Pearl’s scam is a wake-up call for all investors looking to invest in real estate. These scams discourage people from investing, so the Indian Government needs to take stern steps to curb this menace. It is really the need of the hour as not investing anything will eventually lead the Indian economy to a sudden decline. Investors should be given protection regarding these frauds, and strict rules should be formed to save them from getting duped for life.

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      1. Hi sir,
        Application filling time I selected wrongly as land allocated, but we didn’t received documents for land allocation. And I am not getting edit option, kindly help me to edit my application

  1. ನಾನು ತಿಂಗಳಿಗೆ1100ರೂಗಳನ್ನು ಕಟ್ಟೂತ್ತೀದ್ದೇ40ಕಂತುಗಳು ಕಟ್ಟೀದ್ದೇನೆ ನನಗೆ ದುಡ್ಡು ಯಾವಾಗ ವಾಪಸ್ ಬರುತ್ತದೆ ಅದು ಹೇಗೆ

      1. Hi good afternoon sir,
        I am from a small village called Maradagi , which is in Dharwad district of karnataka and in my village so many people has applied for refund which 2500 rupees but still we have not received any refund, can you please tell us how we will be receiving the amount in the form of check or how? And when?

      2. My scheme of amount RS 20,000 deposited to pacl for the increment of RS 45,000 (i.e seven years scheme i.e,28-09-2007 to 28-09-2014 ) then when will we get our refund……pls inform

  2. Hello sir,
    My relation didnot apply for claim till now since the deposit maturity date is on 2019. So how to claim the amount. Please help me in this.

    1. Forget about the maturity date..Now the company is marked as just need to apply for the refund..if your amount is less than 2500 rs then you need to call SEBi at toll free number and if you have invested more than 2500 rs ..then you have to wait few more month as you will be eligble in second round of refund process.

        1. Good afternoon sir,
          I am Anshul Choudhary
          My PACL acknowledge ment number is W8MH2XTK9E
          My claim is Rs 35000/-
          When will I get my refund
          please reply

    2. when i will get my money i deposited to pacl 50000/- the maturity date also over last year
      when i get money pls reply

  3. Hi sir, pacl l have invested 250000 RS year of 2007, maturity period is 10 years 2017 completed, but company closed they ran away. When I will get my money back.

  4. Dear admin
    We don’t know the details for refund earlier and we haven’t claimed for refund before march 2018 ,is there any opportunity to claim refund now

  5. I am a agent I am so worried because public not understand so please tell me about payment IAM at the stage of sacrifice please tell me about my safety what do ido

  6. Hi sir.. I have applied for claim which is 2070rs, I got message that amount has been refunded.. but still I didn’t get credited to account. Does it take time to credit ?. I got message on October 29th..


  8. Hello sir,
    We are not get any refund amount. Please let me know when it’s done. Because we are facing lot of problem from people. Please do the needful.

  9. I and my mother Invested monthly Rs.1100 before 6 years for the period of 4 years. How we refund the Amount?. Please Email to me. Thank You

  10. Sir, My Reg.No.U1672161800, date of commecement 10.05.2011. Expiry date of agreement is 10.11.2016. Agency code 1673502638. Agency unit code 1678750006. The amount of Rs.50,000/- Bond. Per month 800/- I paid. I did not get any money. I am very poor. I shall be thankful to you this, I would like to get the money back ask early as possible.

  11. I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I must spend some time learning more or working out more. Thank you for great info I was in search of this information for my mission.

  12. when the refund of money investment of more than 2500 Rupees
    the people who have invested money asking the agents

  13. In general all the Indian financial institutions are becoming a nightmare for investors who invest their hard earned money with trust and hope. These unethical and illegal cheaters should be punished severely. If they do not have ability to manage they should not accepted the investments.
    I am very confident that the investors pain and agony will certainly hunt and hurt those criminals and their families.

  14. ನಾನು ತಿಂಗಳಿಗೆ 800/- ರೂಪಾಯಿ ಕಟ್ಟಿದ್ದೇನೆ. ನನ್ನ ಹಣ ಯಾವಾಗ ವಾಪಸ್ ಬರುತ್ತೆ ಎಂದು ದಯಮಾಡಿ ತಿಳಿಸಿ. 9945914088

  15. I paid rupees 400 per month.. so when i have to claim for refund.. last time i tried to claim but it showed error.. so.. and also confused tat 2500 is yearly amount.. or monthly amount..please reply..

  16. Due to this so many family issues occured….
    Can u please suggest someone whom we could talk and could find detailed information about this?

  17. Dear sir, Almost out of 4.5 crores of investors, only one and half lakhs investors claimed Rs.2500/- as refund by committee declaration. Remaining investors in terms of crores in number can claim refund more than 2500 or more only after sale of entire properties of Pacl worldwide..Could this possible within this year 2019 or may take more time?. Because selling proposal seems very slow..Even after one year of refund of 2500/- no further public notice has issued by’s really very pathetic condition of investors only because of Sebi lethorgic activities such as non control measures over fraudlent agencies and no blocking initiatives against them..

  18. ಸರ್.
    ನಾನು ಸುಮಾರು 50 invester investment customer very much torching . whenever refund amount sir.
    Please immideat solowed my problem.

  19. My contact number is 9750239304. I invested in four PACL certificate each of Rs.1,25,000 during November 2008.. Two investment in my name and other two in my wife name Shanmugapriya V.S. The total investment is Rs.5,00,000. PACL assured me to give the maturity amount of Rs.2,80,000 for each investment at the maturity time November 2015. I surrendered the certificate during November 2015 at PACL office located at Erode, Tamilnadu. They give me receipt for each investment. Till now I am not able to get the amount. Can you please tell me the position of refund?

  20. Sir
    I have invested in many policy like 40000,. 20000, 10000,. 15000 etc some policy will mature in 2019 and some in2020and 2021. Then how can we get all money invested in? Will it be with intrest or without interest? please guide me.

  21. My deposit amount is 6lakhs deposited in 2011..matured in 2018april.when can i apply for refund and is there any interest for the deposit?

  22. Dear Sir

    I have already submitted my documents to PACL on 27.05.2015. I have received the acknowlegement. But still now amount not yet credited. When it will i get my money

  23. Hi I invested amount of 19000 in PACL. When will they initiate the process of refund. If so what is the procedure. Should v submit refund form Online for making claim.

  24. नरेश चंद्र बाजपेयी पुवायां जिला शाहजहांपुर उ प्र भारत says:

    🌹🌹बड़ा भुगतान कब से शुरू होगा अति शीघ्र बताने का कष्ट करे।

  25. Dear sir,
    my name is wilson v j i am 3 year invested your company 2012 to 2015 how to refund my money please help me.

    thanks regards
    wilson v j

  26. Dear Sir,

    How to apply for the refund of the policy amount through by manual. We are deposited in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Because Online application take with a long time & error shown. give a conclusion.

  27. मेरा पैसा भी फंसा है जो सेबी की तरफ से वेवसाईट उपलब्ध कराई गई है ओ खुल नहीं रही है

  28. My investment was 6 lakhs, have tried to register the claims for 10 certificates each of rs. 62500. Toll free number not working. Any hope to get the refund

  29. sir as i submited original bond to the company they give acknowledgement slip ,can i upload acknowledgement as a pacl certificate?

  30. Hi Sir,

    Rs.40K invested by my father in law on my wife name but it was on her nick name but her real name is different.
    Have nick name on Bank pass book and Ration card
    Have real name on Pan card and Aadhar card

    Please suggest how to claim?

  31. Hello sir,

    I am Arukani. When you return for amount. I am deposit for 50000 thousand. Please help me sir. 7639599235 this my number. You not release the amount susaited for me how many years sir so please understand

  32. Hi sir,
    I invested 500 as per month for 5 years .If we claim money is it requires any bonds or receipts??pls tell me

  33. Hi sir,
    I invested 500 as per month for 5 years .If we claim money is it requires any bonds or receipts??pls tell me

  34. Sir,. We have deposited monthly 320 for totally 66 months ie 5 1/2 years and we finished the amount..still we not get any money from them…how can we get that? Is there any procedure to get back our money.. thanks you👍

  35. I have released the Plot payment more than 40 lac in Sector 100 SAS Nagar Mohali -Punjab but didn’t get nay possession offer . Pl advise the concern to issue possession offer to start construction .

  36. Dear sir my mom was take 2 policy one is all instalment is deposited and then we got a acknowledgement receipt when will come our full estimated realisable amount pls tell me. And another one policy 3 instalment deposited pls give our amount


  38. Dear Sir,

    I deposited RS 50050*3 Bonds = Total amount RS 150150 deposited on 2008 within 5.5 years period.
    i submitted all bonds on 2014 so far no money received.last week i uploaded all documents to sebi and i got confirmation about acknowledgment. when i will get my money back?
    if they pay with interest ? ple advice & reply.

  39. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m
    not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such
    detailed about my difficulty. You’re wonderful!

  40. hi,
    when i can get my refund of more than Rs. 2500. i have already applied for refund last month.

  41. This refer to my receipt no R2130858..i have made payments from 31/05/2012 to 21/08/2014.33months of Rs 33000/- + But I don,t have all receipt nearly 12/13 receipt I attched with my claim no 7 HDIUQL5SM..kindly letme know the status of my claim
    PKS NAIR 9892053870

  42. I have submit all certificate and Received acknowledgement slip on date 24.06.2014 after submission document company shut down business only acknowledgment slip how can appy my refund

  43. What is the status of Refund Claim of Baby:
    ID NO.U082207343
    Claim reference No. Q5KB3WMHYU Dated: 24.04.2019

  44. I submit all requried documents month april 2019-Your claim application for PACL refund of certificate number U077256459 is successfully submitted. Please quote acknowledgement number 2XTK9EVLGC in all future reference.

    But no refund, please check status

  45. Dear Sir,

    I have submitted claim in the month of April 19 I have quote acknowledgement number everything.
    We just want to know when will get back money refund. I have read you auction property of Australia you have stated there Australian Government has accepted and investor will get back money soon…..Sir how soon….?
    Sir please reply millions are people crying..

  46. Dear Sir,

    I have submitted claim in the month of April 19 I have quote acknowledgement number everything.
    We just want to know when will get back money refund. I have read you auction property of Australia you have stated there Australian Government has accepted and investor will get back money soon…..Sir how soon….?
    Sir please reply millions are people crying..
    Below are the future quote and certificate number of PACL
    1 Quote No :-MJ8YKF4WSH… Cerf No:- U242585116
    2. Quote No :- 4UQ5KB3RMJ.. Cerf No:- U242194983
    3. Quote No:- 9PFB1YKAZR… Cerf..No :- U062093156

  47. Please, Please give me my refund ……… I am waiting for more than 5 yeras please give me…… Do not delay yet……plssssss

  48. Sir

    I did not get notified of last date of refund policy of PACL

    NOW what can I do to claim refund

    Please reply on my mail address

  49. Mysore – 10/9/19
    Hello sir application applied ND I got ucknowledgement whr I have to check my status of refund my amount 67000 ND already 7years past after mature when sebi will refunds
    Pls reply

  50. I had filled the 2 claim form for refund of the 2 PACL Amounts in the month of April 2019 and also received acknowledgement ..But no progress after that. How do i understand the status of my Claim.
    Please help.
    It looks like this process of refund process of PACl is not showing any progress.
    Atleast a timeline should be given so that we as investors are assured that we ill get the refund by the specified timeline.
    How do i check t status of my claim…If it is pending or in process.
    Below are my certificate numbers

  51. Hello Sir i deposit my document for claim before 5 years but now than i do not get my money . but is the processor to get my balance .

  52. hello sir my mother take a policy but she is expire now i submit document but not claim yet the name of my mother Smt. Kanta Devi w/o Sh Bhagat Ram Vill Chamba Lahar PO Kosri Teh Jaisingh Pur Disstt Kangra (H.P) contact No 9418515089

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