• Sick Leave Policy in Wipro India
  • Company Holidays and National Holidays in Wipro
  • Wipro Leave Policy Carried Forward
  • Wipro Leave Policy during the notice period
  • Wipro Leave Policy for new joiners
  • Wipro Leave Policy for marriage
  • Wipro India Maternity Leave Policy
  • Wipro India Paternity Leave Policy
  • Wipro PTO and Vacation policy
  • Wipro exit policy
  • Wipro Limited is a global IT services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Wipro
    provides outsourced research and development, business process outsourcing (BPO),
    business consulting services, and infrastructure outsourcing. The company majorly
    operates in three segments: IT Products/Services, Consumer Care, and Lighting.  

    Apart from providing IT solutions, Wipro also prioritizes the well-being of its employees.
    To keep its employees motivated and feel taken care of, Wipro offers many benefits, such as
    health insurance, free transport facilities, a childcare program, and many more. One such
    benefit of working at Wipro is its people-friendly leave policy.

    Let’s have a detailed look at the various types of leaves that you can avail of while working
    at Wipro.

    Sick Leave Policy in Wipro India

    All employees at Wipro are allowed 6 days of casual leave and 5 days of sick leave. An
    an employee can take only two sick leaves at a time, and if this period extends due to any
    the reason, then the employee has to present a medical certificate. In some scenarios, an
    an employee can take as much leave as possible depending on his/her immediate manager’s

    In addition, Wipro also provides emergency leave of up to 5 days.

    Company Holidays and National Holidays in Wipro

    Wipro provides 10 to 12 leaves in a year for national or regional holidays and festivals. 
    If for some reason, an employee has to work on Saturday or Sunday or any other holiday,
    then they are eligible for compensatory leave.

    Wipro Leave Policy Carried Forward

    An employee in Wipro can earn 1.75 leave per month (after completing the probation
    period), which accounts for 21 annual leave for a year. To take annual leaves manager’s
    approval is required. Only 38.09% of annual leaves are carried forward, and the rest lapse
    in one calendar year. 

    Wipro doesn’t support encashing leaves each year. One can only encash leave while exiting
    or retiring from the company.

    Sick leaves in Wipro are not carried forward. They get lapsed if not used in a calendar year.

    Wipro Leave Policy during the notice period

    There is a total of 5 sick leaves available in Wipro, which one can avail even during their
    notice period provided their manager is ok with it. Notice period extends if your reporting
    manager demands it, else it is ok. Normally, managers do not extend the notice period in
    Wipro until you are a critical company resource or playing an important role in an ongoing

    Wipro Leave Policy for new joiners

    New joiners in Wipro get almost the same leave benefits as experienced employees. The
    company adds one sick leave and one casual leave to employees’ leave accounts upon
    completing one month of service. However, an employee in Wipro is entitled to get paid
    leave only after completing six months of service with the company.

    Employees joining Wipro in the middle of the calendar year will be eligible to leave
    entitlements only on a pro-rata basis.

    Wipro Leave Policy for marriage

    Wipro does not have any particular leave policy for marriage. However, employees can
    avail of their annual, sick, and flexi leaves (if applicable) to get paid time off during their
    wedding. You can also get a few more leaves with some adjustments, but that depends on
    your manager.

    Wipro India Maternity Leave Policy

    In India, a female employee working in the private sector is entitled to get 26 weeks paid
    leave under the Maternity Benefit Act, provides she has worked for at least 80 days in the
    same organization before availing of such benefit. 
    Earlier, Wipro used to offer 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks of unpaid
    maternity leave. However, now it is six months (26 weeks). Female employees can even
    take extended maternity leave and can go for another six months. Even after they come
    back, there is a crèche available on the Wipro campus.

    In addition to parental leave, Wipro offers adoption leave to its employees.

    Wipro India Paternity Leave Policy

    Just like the Maternity leave policy, Wipro also allows its male employees to take paid
    paternity leaves to bond with their newborn children. On average, Wipro provides eight
    weeks of paid paternity leave to its male employees.

    Wipro PTO and Vacation policy

    Wipro vacation & paid time off (PTO) policy varies depending on the nature of your
    employment and experience level. Wipro offers paid time off facility, and a vacation
    policy usually allows an employee to get 15-20 days off a year, with around 25% of
    employees expected to be completely work-free while out of the office.

    Wipro exit policy

    The exit process in Wipro is pretty easy. The tool MyWipro is enough to submit a
    resignation form with all the details. The portal itself will initiate an email to the
    employee’s immediate manager and HR. Follow the below-mentioned steps to begin your
    exit procedure.

    • Visit the MyWipro portal, submit your resignation, and select your last working
    • date.
    • An email will be automatically sent to your reporting manager, HR, and any other employee whom you would like to involve in the exit formalities
    • Following this, an exit interview (mostly with your reporting manager) will be scheduled to discuss the reason for your resignation.
    • The company will try to retain you, especially if you are a critical resource to the company.
    • If you still stand by your decision, a last working date will be set by HR (the notice period is a maximum of 60 days), and you will get a confirmation email.
    • Get no dues certificates/emails from all the required departments (mentioned in the email).
    • On your last working day, submit your ID card, key card, office laptop, etc.

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